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Mister Transmission 4900 Sheppard Ave E 416-298-1353,  Ray Sanchez & the boys have taken care of all the abuse I've put the the 46re, tc and rearend threw. Ray is also the Ontario dealer for Procharger superchargers. Ray will give you the no bs goods on anything you could want. Tell him or Jamie, Blair says HI! (wink) Rays Procharged Camaro  traps 180+mph 





Did you add your truck to Visitors Parking yet? Join the gang of great looking Dodge Rams now!     

Tech/Help                                                       The work never stops    

0-60mph Times - See how your truck compares to some of the popular cars/trucks of past and present. Listed mine stock w/14"K&N, all the bolt ons stock from tb down 5.9 and mild 360 w/7.5psi. 

Cam n Intake Install - Well they are finally in, for better or for worse. Track results to follow on the M1/2B n RT+10 cam

Dictionary - Automotive dictionary of all the terms you maybe scratching your head about.



CamQuest 6 -     20mb download    Comp Cams free cam selection software. Helps choose the right cam for different applications and what you can expect for hp/trq.  I couldn't get it to work cause I was trying to input radical stuff and no cams cam up but give it a try.

Dragstrip Plus Software  -    1mb download    This is the shareware ms-dos version of this great program. With "Quick Compute", "Detailed Analysis" & "Dyno Approach. Don't be fooled because its a dos version.  I've used it with 98, ME, XP and XPmedia.  I prefer this over a much more recent Desktop Dyno I have as well. Seems to be most accurate below 15seconds ets and 4000lbs or less

Dodge Font For Your PC -  Download this and you can type with the bold Dodge Font in all your programs with selectable fonts (paint/photo/word/etc). Just drop the file into c/window/font

Performance Calculator -    1/2mb download    R.A.C.E. Systems freeware performance calculator. Simplified DYNO, TIRE & GEAR, TRACK PERFORMANCE and 5 other calculators. None are as in depth as DP+

Service Manual -   60mb download      2001 Ram Service Manual on PDF. . You don't have to have an 01 for this to be very use full. Much more detailed then Chilton/Haynes manuals are. Thanks to steve00ram360 over at for making this available.

Mopar Wallpapers - Lots of sweet looking Mopars in 4 different sizes from 800-1600

Exotic Wallpapers - Some of the nicest supercar's in the world. 4sizes from 800-1600.

Drag Racing 101 - Never been to the track? Need some tips? Well here's everything you need to know to look like a pro. Well that will take practice but this will help.

Drag Strip Safety - What you need or need to know to play safe.

Drag Videos - Lots of video of RM Indy from humble beginnings to the Vette killer it is now.

Engine/Accessory bolt list - This list includes all fastener sizes used on a 96 5.9/360. I got tired of crawling into the engine compartment and under the truck and having the wrong size tool.

Fault codes -  Got a problem, see what the codes mean or how to get them (use your back button to return)

FAST Catalogue - PDF file of Fuel & Spark Technologies line up of products. Heads, cams & 408s just cant be controlled right with a flash, you need stand alone engine management.

Fan Install - Flex a Lite 210B 

Final Compression Ratio - Boost directly affects the final compression ratio, see the relationship between engine compression and how much boost will affect it before ordering your pistons.

Head Flow - Stock 5.2/5.9 head flow compared to Edelbrock Performer RPM alum 2.02 hds as well as RT 2.02 and Heavy Duty heads (Hughes/EQ)

Hemi To Hemi - What do these to hemi's have in common, little except their names  

Indy Factoid - All the stats on the 96 Ram "Indy Official Pace Trucks". Also lists general info on any other Ram  

Jet Stage II Module Why you don't want one for your Ram

M1 intake manifold install -  PDF file of detailed install procedures.

Paint Tips - Scratch removal trick and painting handle tip

Performance Gains - Track results from all individual mods in order of installs

Portmatching M1/2BBL for 55mm tb - When you switch to a larger 55mm tb you have to open up the M1/2BBL or there will be a step/lip going into it.

Procharger Schematics - Basic layout configuration for the P-1  & D-1SC kits.

Ramair Install - using KnN GenI and "Ramairbox"

Race Bucket Install - RCI buckets on heavily modified stock manual pedestals

Race Humor - Funnies from the net, auto related vids, flash games, .

Spring Clamps - Trying to improve short times, clamps on the rear leaf springs can help. Not wanting to pay Performance Improvements the $60 they wanted I made my own for 1/3 of the price, a fair bit stronger and much better looking.

Speedo Fix - After swapping gears you need to replace the speedo gear for accurate mph. (94-97)

S Bolt - 4" for standard genI fipk and genII air hat, with ported tb (or FASTMAN) add 1/4" to the length.

Towing Tips - Weight classes and tips for safe towing. Factory tow & payload ratings of every body & driveline configuration also based on 98 model year.

Weight Reduction - Put the class heavy weight on a diet and improve performance and handling and decrease wear n tear.

Mickey Thompson Tires - see whats available for going to the track (my choice) On a 15x10" run a 30"x12.5"-15 with 410s. 28"x12.5"-15 with 392s or 3.55.  28" will help by lowering the rear end a bit for better weight transfer if running a stock front and stock ride height.

Most pics on this site are from Cayuga, at the line or in the water box were taken by Rob Potter. Toronto Motorsports Park Track Photographer. Great shots & great prices. 

 If you go to TMP and want pics email him before going.




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