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Portmatching M1/2BBL for 55mm tb


When going to a larger 55mm tb you have to open up the M1/2BBL or there will be a step going into the intake that you see below.

To match the M1 to the tb remove the tb gasket (above) and remount the tb to the M1. Make sure the tb is centered and firmly in place, then open the butterflies and look inside. You will see a lip where the tb meets the m1. Taking a fine tip Sharpe marker run it across the top of the area's that are protruding out that need to be removed. I pressed lightly the first time so it would take it part of the way down. Remove the tb and then use masking tape to cover the holes for mounting the tb to avoid filings filing them. I also covered the rest of the M1 with a pair of shop rags to keep debris out of t the other holes. With a cutting bit in the Dremel I removed all the material till the black line on top was gone. Then I cleaned off the filings and reattached it to see how much more it needed. Re-marked it with the Sharpe and removed it and opened it up further and graduated the opening further into the m1.



One tiny area at the bottom of the pic needs removing and graduated the openings further & it was done.

Looking for some metal polish so I can give it a bit smoother finish.

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