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 Special thanks to my wife for catching my passes on video  

Pinks on Speed Channel - Yes we all want to see more heads up racing For those that aren't on speed here ya go!! Software limited my choices so it was either 250mb file or this much smaller one.

April 13th 06, Bully Dog dotcom Cummins Ram Vs Chevy S10     48.5mb    

Oct 9 05 Toronto Motorsports Park test and tune. Blower passes with stock computer, smt6 disabled. Limited in rpms and mph. Still a bit of a miss. Max mph by 1100-1200'

Conditions 55F/85%Hum/102Baro/10-15mph headwind

Oct 9 05 RM Indy vs 5.0GT    4.3mb    First reasonable blower pass. Running a late model 5.0 GT on drag radials & draglites with a nitrous bottle.

Oct 9 05 RM Indy vs Blazer    3.0mb   Nice tubbed Blazer w/350. I got out of it by about 1200' (see mph)

Sept 17 05 Blower @ idle      5.1mb     No more na and the Procharger has a nice whistle to it.

July 20 05 TMP Test&Tune    (last n/a outing)         82degrees, 90% humidity & 101.6 baro and dropping

RM Indy vs Import    3.5mb    Last pass was my best et, best rt of the night. Sure I could of broke into 13s with more practice.

RM Indy solo     3mb    Made my final tuning adjustments for the night and pulled the laptop before this pass. Still needs fine tuning but better.

RM Indy vs 01 Lightning   3.22mb  Still a bit of detonation on this pass, but going in the right direction.

Oct 10 04 TMP TT

Solo Pass  7mb    Conditions were so so, high humidity, mid 60s temp, 101.9 baro with a 10-15mph head/crosswind. Truck was in heavy race trim

Sept 24 04 TMP TT                               

RM-Indy Vs Hemi Ram   6mb     Got lined up with a nice looking stock Hemi Ram R/C S/B.   Mid 70s/hazy/foggy. Jpeg of the slip at the bottom of 04 Pics n Slips

Night Burnout    4.7mb      Think I lost an o2 sensor 1/2 way threw 2nd gear. Hear a short stumble about 3.5krpms as it trails off and I short shifted. In the lanes got check engine light for an o2 sensor. PCM goes to default settings so I made the next/last pass against the Hemi anyways

Aug 07 04 Redline Performance

RM Indy Dyno Session     4.4mb    Got together with some Dak owners from DTO, DTW & SWORD for a dyno session on Redlines new dyno. This was after all 04 upgrades except the MSD Dig6 wasnt installed yet. Could of used it as you can see by the curve above 4600rpms. You can see the dyno  sheet  in Mods & Customizing

July 2nd 2004 TMP  OSCA

Couldn't get the truck to hook at all in the left lane and kept having to run there. OSCA meets always seem to have issues. Tire spin off the line and at both shifts was giving some ugly ets. Only managed to get one pass in the right lane.

Solo night pass   2.7mb    First time vid tapping at night for the wife with the new camera. She lost me at the traps so I included the slip.

RM Indy vs the track    1.2mb   Nothing too impressive here to be honest. Track was not in the best shape

Hemi vs Hemi  1.7mb  I tried to line up with these guys a few times. R/C L/B 4x4 was stripped down and low on options with 17" rims and a genII k&n cai. The sweet looking 4x2 had a tonneau, 20s and I think was bone stock.

June 19th 2004 TMP     Mopar Meet

RM Indy vs Duster   2.9mb  Darcy was a bit anxious with his 318 Duster on this pass (I was snoozin). This was his first 14 second pass so a big congrats!

RM Indy vs Colt(?)  2.4mb  Strong crosswinds but still good to be at the track again :)

RM Indy Rnd 1    2.0mb   Opps!!  Well, not the way to start eliminations. Redlighted with a -0.009.  I was still sorting things out and figuring my launch so I wasn't too surprised.  Continued testing after I went out.

Lil Red Goes 10s   2.8mb   Darcy's dads 79 Lil Red Express runs some pretty good #s. Wife got a good one beginning to end of Alan running 10.74 @ 122mph

NEW   Oct 02 Video of  RM Indy vs 01 Lightning

June 8 2002 St Thomas DTO Meet

Indy was running real slow due to new tranny(200miles), new diff(25miles), no synthetic in the rear and new tires with 0 passes/miles

Shotgun Video  881kb  Ride shotgun for a pass down the 1320. Slow 14.5 pass but you'll get the idea of what its like Middy was in his Dak in Tower lane. I cut a poor  RT of .91. I was playing with the camera on the tripod and the fact I run a standard .5 tree not a .4sec pro tree didnt help my  rt. .91-.400=.51 :)   LOL.

RM Indy vs HP Indy 720kb  HP near lane, me far lane, both cut good lights. Great door to door match!!! (Matty's G/F on camera duty I believe)

RM Indy vs Matty 1.30mb Caught Matty sleepin while I jumped the gun LOL (HP on camera) 

October 20 2001 Cayuga              All video from Cayuga Dragwaypark unless stated otherwise    

13.99@95.86mph 1.48mb New personal best to finish off great season of quicker ets every outing

14.03@95.52mph 703kb Solo pass

14.04@95.70mph 678kb  Nos pwrd Civic with too little too late. 

14.09@95.53mph 641kb  Couldn't keep up to this Pro street S10  


September 15 2001 Fall Mopar Classic

14.15@93.77mph  1.86mb Indy takes Roadrunner off the line but his 13.1 time smoked me

14.23@92.49mph 1.26mb  Indy beats a 340 Demon off the line and too the finish

June 16 2001 London Motorsports Park (St Thomas/Sparta)

While my wife didn't manage to get my fastest passes of the day she did get these two. Traction was a major issue at London. Never had the tires spin that far from the line before. Poorly prepped track, ran best passes of 14.33, .38, & a .39 . 

14.48@95mph  Nice looking Roadrunner makes short work of my Indy

14.49@95mph  Here a Neon RT gets more than he bargains for

Other Video's             

Trailer Video    How Indy showed up to the track in 99(pre V10). Managed to win the ET2 Class that day with a .501 rt in the final

Jet Car Video    Here's Chariots of Fire, running at 300mph. And yes they tethered the chute to the car this time :) PS. not a Dodge     but a nice  TD Cummis did tow it onto the track :) I can still taste the kerosene lol

Wave Sound Files   

Some older exhaust waves when the motor was stock.

Throttle goose       Here's the exhaust from about 12' away. 

Burnout                 Here's audio from a burnout      (stock motor)                   

0-70mph              Simulated 1/8m pass  with slider open (camera on tripod riding shotgun)

14.54 pass            1/4 pass from about 80' infront of starting line. Fades in the distance


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