04 Pics n Slips

04's Planned Mods

  • FMS 19/21lb injectors (pull FMS 24lb)             19s in

  • large turtle                                                        Installed

  • 51.75mm fastman tb                                         Installed

  • 1.7rr's                                                               Installed

  • Driveshaft loop                                                Installed

  • brass cap n rotor                                              Installed

  • move fan temp sensor                                      Completed

  • KnN 14x3 replacing 14x2.25 inside ramairbox  Installed

  • make longer S bolt                                           Installed

  • MSD Blaster Coil and repaint coil bracket       Installed

  • Belltech Nitro Drop shocks                               Installed

  • Comp Engineer 3way drag shocks front            Install for track use

  • Optima Red Top relocated to bed                     Installed

  • Fabricate mount for MSD box                          needs paint

  • MSD Digital6+ under passenger seat                 Installed

Bench currently empty, ordering soon

Again, another BIG THANKS TO HP INDY for all his help on getting the 1.7rr's in right

Last year, (03) was a total bust for me. Health issues kept me from doing much. This year should be better (knee rebuild). I only made it to the track once in street form at the end of the season before the cam, intake and injectors went in. I never did get to do any testing after.  Sorting out last years mods first, then on to the next round of additions. Hopefully Ill see a good et drop and get it to constantly run under 14.0.

He really is the Fastman.  DAN ARCAND AKA THEFASTMAN.COM, not only does the tb look great, he shipped it to my door (US/CANADA) in 5 DAYS!!!

TB and 1.7rr went in without much issue. About the only negative was I drilled out the tps and tried bumping the voltage to .75volts.  For some reason though I was getting a code 24(tps) at .70 volts or more. Currently at .64 volts without a code or issue.  Reset the battery and back to square one on the pcm learning again.

Temp Sensor For Electric Fans

Think I finally have an easy fix for a small problem with the Flexalite fans.   The temp sensor was inside the upper rad hose. If you tightened the hose clamp too tight it would crush the tube rendering the sensor useless. Too loose and it would tend to blow off a bit of steam approaching redline(or hose if real loose).  Now have the sensor mounted on the exterior of the rad and it seems to work pretty good. Moved to the bottom of the rad with trimmed ties holding it in place

For now I'm just running with the KnN GenI filter kit till I'm happy with everything, then be putting the ramair back in with larger filter.

New MSD coil installed, replacing the wires/plugs next week. With things getting opened up so much in the last 6months it took a beating so I sand blasted it and repainted the bracket holding the coil.



If you look closely you can see the turtle sitting inside the M1/2B directly below the tb.  (wife's make up mirror/thanx hun)

About 2" dia. shaped piece of cone shaped metal for helping direct airflow into the runners and reduce puddling on nos systems


May 29 TT @ TMP

  First time to the track to do some testing since all the mods. I went in full street trim on stock tires with about 3/8 tank and tailgate on.(4300lbs approx w/driver)  Same way as last time before the changes, weather conditions were very similar. 68-70deg with a tail/cross wind, humidity was in the 70% range with 100" baro.  
  I ended up making 6 passes in total due to the # of oil downs and a couple cars bouncing off the wall. My parts guy hit the wall going into 2nd at about 100mph. Lucky the damage was light and he was fine, (Andy Renkin) but it could cost me more for parts next week


For ets there was a reasonable gain but less than I had hoped for. But a gain is a gain and Ill take what I can get. Prior in same form ran 14.55+, this time it was 14.30+. MPH at the 1/8 and 1/4 was up by about 2-3mph over prior in street form. l ran a Stang GT vert, (killed him) and a 5.0 GT (same results). Got my ass handed to me by an 00 L with 15psi plus other mods with ET streets out back. We raced 3 times, last one he put his street tires on to make it more even and I sort of hung with him till the 1/8th when he walked away.

I'll should be back at the track testing in race trim (approx 4040lbs including driver) to see what she will run June 16. Dragstrip plus is telling me under ideal conditions a 13.8,  We'll C

Mopar Meet June 19th so I needs some seat time with the slicks at a lighter weight

June 16th

New pb still eluding me. Left TO an the weather was pretty good but as I approached Stoney Creek it went in the dumper. Hi humidity, light rain and a small head wind are what greeted me by the time I entered the gates. I didnt have time to strip anything off but did get the dragshocks in and slicks/skinnies mounted. Had some tire spin problems (track poorly prepped) after leaving the line. Made about 4 passes then packed up and went home .  Wife got a couple of shaky vids of 2 of my passes. (we both need practise lol). Probably add one of them to the vid page later. 

See about adding that vid, apparently the camera died at the track not the battery.


Temp 70deg,  low baro, 15mph head/crosswind

First time bracket racing in a while. Bit rusty to say the least. Cut a - .009 redlight in rnd one, bit anxious. Time trialed more after to figure out the launches better. Got a new dig vid camera and wife caught most of my passes except I tapped over them the following day. Ill get some new passes uploaded sooner or later. So you'll have to be happy with a few slips




Aug 1st

Currently working on relocating the battery to the bed of the truck. Using a new MasterCraft 17" toolbox with a Taylor Battery Relocation kit and a new Optima Red Top.  I still haven't decided where the MSD Digital6 is going but am leaning towards under the passenger seat. Just installed new wires and NGK plats indexed to .045 in anticipation of the new MSD box. Hopefully the ignition will help out above 5krpms where the stock one is really lacking. Pulled the cruise control junk. Waste of good vacuum lol


Aug 19                      

Battery relocation stalled while I hunted for colored wire in various gauges,  connectors, pair of different length ground straps, grommets plus time to fabricate a bracket for the MSD Dig6+ to sit on in the cab.  Made if from the flat steel in the background, using a 4 1/2" angle grinder and large vise. 3' piece of solid 2" steel helped a bit with the bending. The bracket will attach to the floor using the 2 screws & holes that held down the bracket for the stock jack.

Fabricating always means lots of test fits. 

 Looks a bit sparse on the drivers side without the battery & tray there. I used part of the Optima's base adapter to make an isolator for the positive and negative cable ends.


Got to run a sweet looking Hemi Ram on Sept 24 test n tune. See Vid Page


I did see the stock Hemi Ram run a best of 15.4x that night .  I was having trouble at the line again as you can see by my 60's(these were my best). They were all over the place and never managed to get a sub 2.0   Saw my first 78mph 1/8mile trap speeds tonight so that's good.  

Next Test & Tune Oct 10 04

Hope to have something to give thanks for with any luck

Update; Oct 10th, nice headwinds, so so weather. More of the same, 14.1s+

Had to upgrade my leave spring clamp bolts to grade 8 fasteners, busted one of the bolts.

Oct 22 04 Redline Performance Dyno Pull Season Ending

Arrived at the dyno in race trim, unfortunately the tires were a bit too wide to fit on the dyno drum. Metal side plates on the roller may have cut into the tires so I had to go home and change them all (bias ply front n rear, back to street tires/rims) so I could do my pulls.

First & only pull they had to back out of it at 4500 rpms because she was going way to lean. (14.77 & climbing) Explains my lack of torque, no fuel. Beginning of the season I thought I could just get some 21-24s and be fine till I sorted out the tuning. Not so simple, way to fat on fuel in the low rpms, tried smaller injectors and she started running better. Ok on the bottom end, but really lacking fuel in the top end rpms. I had planned on adding a SMT6 to get the most out of the cam/intake combo and now it seems that's going to be critical to get her running right.  I don't want to be adding a bunch of boost without knowing what's going on and a way to tune fuel and ignition accurately. 


  Here you can see just how lean she was running.  Generally 14.0:1 or worse. When they backed out it was making 3hp less than the last time at that same rpm (Aug dyno no wideband)


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