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These instructions may not pertain to your Ram but they may be helpful as a guide for what to expect.

                                                        Tools Used;

  • rechrg/elec drill
  • 3/4" drill bit
  • flat head screw driver
  • dremel tool
  • Heavy utility knife
  • sand paper 150-220
  • angle grinder
*Note*    This install was done using part of the KnN FIPK gen I kit with the ramairbox  and drop base. Other parts were purchased from the local Home Depot and Canadian Tire store
                       Parts Used;
  • 14"x3"@110deg twin 4" snorkel ramairbox
  •   14AL/Dbase.5  (1/2" in drop base part #)
  •  KnN FIPK GenI;  chrome lid
  •                                 s-bolt and washer n wingnut
  •                                14"x2.25" filter
  • 4 1/4"dia.  large screw type hose clamps (Homedepot)
  • 2, 4"x10' alum duct (easier & stronger to use 2 and not stretch them)
  • Autotrends (#37-8926-4) 1"W x5/16"H auto rubber/foam weather stripping 
  • RCR's (#21003)  3/8"x 3/8" sponge rubber weather stripping (Homedepot)
  • Autotrim edging (auto supplier/motorcycle shop or marine supplier may have this)
  • 3/4" grommet with 5/8" elbow 
  • universal large dia rubber gasket or rtv sealant as an alternative

First it was necessary to test fit the drop base and airbox on top of the throttle body. To pass emissions you have to have the crankcase vent breather tube hooked up to the box to pass the visual. Benefit of hooking the breather up is it keeps the box from moving and the wing-nut from backing off.  I marked the box where I felt the connection should be,  leaving enough hose to connect it easily.

Taking a 3/4" drill bit I carefully and slowly drilled a hole in the side of the box. Hole tends to be a little rough and may shatter it you go to quick so I used a dremmel tool to smooth it out to the desired dia opening.


Here's a nice clear shot so you can easily see what it looks like. Ooops. 5/8 Elbow & 3/4" grommet on the  right. Below the infamous "S-Bolt" and nut n washers 

Before installing the grommet and hose fitting remove the knub on the end of the fitting. Just makes it harder to remove the airbox later. I carved most of it off after it was in the box and it was  a bit of a pain.

Using a bit of dish soap and lots of patience the grommet goes in the box. the same method got the 5/8 heater elbow  plugged in without too much difficulty


After installing the grommet and heater hose elbow the automotive trim went on the top inside edge.Little hard to see in this one. It helps reduce the upper opening to slightly smaller than the K&N chromed 14" top. Also sanded the bottom off the box for weather stripping under the filter. No picture but I added a gasket under the box on top of the drop base to seal that area better. RTV sealant or sylicone could also be used. 

With the FIPK filter it sits low in the box and was tending to move.  Foam under the filter would raise it, seal it to the bottom and stop it from moving. Test fit the filter inside the box then marked the location. I used the 1" wide x 5/16" high rubber/foam weather stripping. Because of the width of the tape I had to slice the outside to allow it to bend to the opening.


After a test fit with the box & filter it was almost 1/4" too low. Foam beneath helped but not quite enough.  Added 3/8" x 3/8" weather strip to the top of the lid to seal it to the top of the box. (see below)


The weather stripping on top helped seal it up pretty good and gave it a finished looked. Look on the bottom left, you see a small post coming up from the blue colored bracket that you will probably need to grind. See below

You may or may not need to grind above. Below the alternator bracket may also need grinding.

You can see the small post below just behind and right of the alternator

You can just see the corner of the ac fitting that may need grinding.




After cutting about 4" off, the hose for the breather connected right up and helped secure the box better

Bend the drop base while installed front to rear to get clearance at the front of the box if neccessary.

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