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Here's my track (1/4mile) results from the mods in the order they were added based on average ets on a 96 5.9auto 3.55 s/g R/C S/B. I made about 900 passes while adding bolt ons. Bad weather/track conditions results were not included in the averages between mods.

My intake side mods consisted of a genI 14" filter inside a ramairbox with twin 4" ducts coming from the fog light locations in the bumper. ** Most of my exhaust testing was before the genI went in the airbox.** All gains were with no motor work at all on stock tb, intake, cam and heads and all other internal parts (prior to 03).

Track Results

.25 KnN GenI with 14x 2.25" filter

.10 Edelbrock TES headers n Y pipe

.12 March 3pc alum u/d pulleys

.10 Transgo stage II and synth oil m/t/r (synth most of the gain)

.18 Draglite rims n M/T Sportsman n ET streets (final reduced w/smaller dia)

.15 Auburn 3.92 gears

.00 Flowmaster 40 on stock Indy pipework

.05 Edelbrock alum catback split exit

.02 3" exh dump behind cat

+.1 Jet POS stage II(paperweight) DO NOT BUY!!!!!

.28 MP PCM    Rated #3   bang for the buck

.32 Magnaflow Hi Flow cat  Rated  #2 bang for the buck. Cat delete would yield approx .5 seconds compared to stock.

.06 Bosh plat. plugs indexed w/ 8mm wires & blaster coil

.00 Relocating IAT, tried 2 different locations, stock location since

.00 TPS mod. Stock .53volts & over .70volts set off codes. Replaced to return to stock

.17 stuffing the GenI filter (.25) in the ramairbox Rated #1 bang for the buck NOTE, w/14x3" filter/ducted from bumper approx .55 second et reduction estimated compared to stock airbox/filter.

15 when the h/f cat blew its gutts out side exit

.08 twin elect fans (.05 off 60')

.40+ 14% weight reduction.


+.15 Auburn Perf. LSD no/synth (beefier diff)

+.2 Magnaflow h/f 3" cat (replaced gutted cat to pass etest) It slowed more cause shop used reducer to connect new cat when I told them not to.  Noyz Boyz Toronto SUCK


2003 truck was running 14.3s (slowed from legal cat/beefier diff)

.25 52mm tb, M1/2BBL, RT+10 cam, 1.7RR and SMT6. Guessing the cam and M1 cost about .4 seconds but 52mm tb, 1.7rr and smt6 got that back plus the .25. I cant say for sure.


1.2 seconds! Remove ramairbox, added Procharger D-1SC with 3core, only seeing 7.5psi with stock computer. Stock computer limited boost, rpms, mph and ets. (Oct 05) Stock truck could expect to see about 1.5 seconds off ets.


Exhaust work does give good gains but only from the cat forward. From headers n hi flow cat (after it blew) I got a total of .57 et reduction. I actually spent more behind the cat with 3 different setups but only saw .07 total gain.

If you have a 97 or older Ram (not Indy/SST), catbacks will help a fair bit. I would estimate 10+rwhp and up to .2 seconds off ets.

98 or later, gains will be similar to what I got (next to nothing).


Motor mods started in 03. My first motor changes as a combo were poor NA. The mild 360 barely ran faster than it did with the motor completely stock. The cam and M1 just didn't work together NA. The 52mm and 1.7rr gave a noticeable improvement together but no track times to verify unfortunately. Estimate they reduced ets about .25 seconds. Had it back to running 14.0s with SMT6 tuning. SMT6 with the blower caused issues so disabled and went to stock pcm.

Current build consists of 55mm tb, M1/2BBL, large turtle, Edelbrock 202alum heads (stgIV port) w/650lift springs, titanium retainers, HS alum 1.6rr, custom cam 236//242 580/577lift on a 114, custom forged blower pistons (8.5cr), forged rods and crank. Rotating assembly is balanced (1955grm bob wt) Also MP sfi dampner, 65lb injectors on billet rails, return fuel system with fuel cell (rated to 1100hp blown/1600hp na) all being controlled by bank to bank FAST stand alone engine management. Looking to run about 12psi of boost.

Software projecting et reductions of at least 2 full seconds. Hope its right

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