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Want to improve launches a bit?

Leaf Spring Clamps By RM Indy

As you increase performance, traction gets to be more of an issue especially with a Ram. I addressed traction early by adding skinnies and slicks back in 98.(track use mainly/limited street use)

With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

By increasing traction you increase the strain on the leaf springs when launching off the line. Hard launches the axle tries to spin clockwise, in the opposite direction of the tires. The leaf springs try to stop this but with increased performance will eventually need help. You can reduce this axle wrap (in order of cost/effetiveness) by 1) adding clamps at the front of the leaf spring pack to stiffen the leaf. 2) adding traction bars or 3)eliminate it by switching to a 4link suspension.

When the axle wraps during a burnout/launch this can also cause the back end to bounce(bunny hop) when the axle unwinds. This is not good and could damage driveline parts (trans, u-joints, driveshaft, gears and axles)

When I made my clamps the sure grip rear end (limited slip) was starting to slip a bit and tended to get a bit sideways in the burnout and do the odd bunny hop as well. With a beefier Auburn hi perf lsd and the clamps the burnouts/launches are nice and straight with no bounce/hops.
The Lakewood traction bars attach to the axle and as the launch/burnout causes wrap the snubber on the front of the bar moves up as the axle turns clockwise till hitting the front of the leaf spring and limiting further rotation.
4 Link suspensions eliminate the leaf springs completely and give a solid un sprung attachment of the back end to the frame with coil overs or airbags giving the support.

Clamps are a cheap way of reducing this situation that you can make with a few simple tools.

Last year (01) I was wanting to improve short times a bit more and not being to happy with burnouts and launches figured the rear needed to be stiffened up a bit. Spring clamps on the front of the rear leave springs seemed to help out.

The local speed shop wanted $60(Cdn) and I just couldn't see them being worth that. Made my own out of 2" wide by 3/16" thick rolled steel from Home Depot plus 8 large bolts and lock washers and flat washers. With the can of blue Tremclad the total came to about $18. Much stronger looking than what I was looking to buy, plus painted to match the truck. 

Approx. 5 1/2" L x 2"W with 2 holes drilled in each end. I marked the metal after placing it over the front of the leaf spring just before the tip of the last(bottom) spring. Be sure to check side clearance with the bed so as not to interfer in spring operation.(keep bolts close to spring). Used one steel grinding wheel on my angle grinder cutting the 4 pieces and rounding the edges. Once cut, place on springs again to make sure of length. Mark for holes for bolts and drill.

With the rough edges smoothed off, next was a bit of sandblasting.

Being pleased so far time for a couple coats of paint


Happy with how they turned out it was time to install.

You want to make sure you really torque them down. I thought I had them tight enough but after the first pass they moved a bit on one side. Realigning them I wrenched them on good next time. Didnt budge after that. I check them before making any passes with psi adj. to the tires. 


My exhaust exits ahead of rear tire so don't be confused on clamp location

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