Ramair went in July 00. Fine tuned it last 2 years. This is what she looked like after initial install. Underhood pics are dated as the fan and shroud are no longer on the truck. Running twin electrics. Duct work is routed the same with the openings in the same location.

To see more, go to the "Ramair Install" located in TECH

Sept/05 Update  My Ramair setup has been removed in favor of a Procharger supercharger  but I would highly recommend the ramairbox to anyone looking for the best highway mileage gains and improvement in ets from any other cold air kit out there. In total with the 14x3" K&N (14x2.25 for 3yrs) I figured it reduced my ets by .45seconds. Almost double what a GenII would yield.   RM Indy

At the link below, the 4th kit down lists the parts needed for a 5.2/5.9.. This is the only place you can order it from online as far as I know. I got my box and drop base from a speed shop up here (Ont/Cda) called Karbelt. Order the 14” round ½ drop base, the 3”110deg twin snorkel air box and the 14” lid if you don’t have one. All other parts can be bought from Home Depot and local auto parts store (K&N 14x3)



Not everyone likes my ducts. I do, so that's what counts.

Love the look under the hood

Prior to the ramair, 2, 3" ducts ran to the 14x3 KnN FIPK. (holes in rubber surround)

Looks a bit different now, shroud pulled with viscous fans in 01

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