03 Pics n Slips

03's Planned Mods

M1/2BB  -                                                            Installed (need lrg turtle)      

RT + 10 cam -                                                   Installed

mp rods, springs retainer                              installed

Fastman 52mm tb -                                           

FMS 24lb injectors -                                        Installed (for now)

MP double roller t/chain -                               Installed

Couple other little trinkets if any $ left -   working on it

This year was a real screw up for me, knee injury early in the year haunted me for a while and I ended up getting surgery by the summer so I was out of commission for quite a while. Didnt get anything done till the fall.

M1/2B n cam are in with the 24lb injectors. Have a feeling the 24lb injectors too much for this combo. Reminds me of the Jet chip, better at mid/3/4 throttle. WOT its a dud out of the hole n 2nd gear loss with 3rd gear so so. Use to be almost dangerous in 1st n now its hard to bust the tires. Back to the 19s n need to find the 52mm tb.

HP Indy's garage is very MOPAR friendly    BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP BUDDY

For now the stock throttle body will stay. Swap it out next spring with a 52mm

Have upper n lower rad hoses, plus new oil dipstick tube n water pump tubes (both getting pwdr coated) to go in. Want to flush things out plus switch back to 19lb injectors n synthetics in the motor before making a pass. Times running out on this season quickly so not sure if Ill actually get any passes in till spring. 

Want to see the full install check it out in TECH

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