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Here's Rampants Big Bad 98 2500HD 4x4 5.9

         Truck Options
  • Rampant came from the factory with

  • Plow pkg

  • Camper pkg

  • Tow pkg

  • 5.9 auto

       Added Mods

  • KnN with homemade ramair

  • 4"+ lift

  • Double shock kit

  • Nitro shocks n dampner

  • 315/75 R-16's

  • 4.10 gears

engram.jpg (76581 bytes)

Rampant made good use of the stock airbox &  modified it to add another hose for ramair with inlets in his bumper foglight location

ramin.jpg (52381 bytes)

lftguy[1].jpg (61799 bytes)

Not happy with just being able to see over other vehicles, now c Rampant can drive over them as well :)   LOOK OUT RICERS

Too give you an idea the mechanic leaning against Rampant is 6'6" tall

lftrr[1].jpg (61784 bytes)


front.jpg (82741 bytes)

Here's stock HD height with 33's for some lift.

SIDEV.jpg (63206 bytes)

Thanks for sending in the great pics of your serious Offroader RM Indy


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