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Trophy winning Indy

96 Dodge Ram Indy Official Pace Truck

5.9 auto 3.55

 Truck Mods:

  • K & N filter

  • Performancechip                                                                   

  • Mopar Ground Effects

  • Fiberglass tonneau

  • w/ matching stripes

  • Rams head on bottom of cover

  • Blue Rhino Lining

  • Blue neon lights in bed of truck

Love the under tonneau Rams head!

Proud Owners Comments:

I love to play with the young guys at traffic lights. They think just because you have grey hair, that you can't race. I love the truck. Have about 14 trophies with it so far. Enjoy cruising too. Hope to add headers and dual cat back exhaust in the future.   Vern

If you'ld like to know more about Pacetruck/Vern's trophie winning tips I'm sure he'd like to hear from you. He can be reached at croffoot_2@msn.com

Looks good Vern and in my FAVORITE COLORS   thanks for sending in the pics.

RM Indy

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