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Not happy with one,,,,,,,or two,,,,,,,,,,,,,this family has 3 Indy's!!!

These guys can have a Mopar meet just by going home 

Here are some pics of our three Indy Rams and 2004 Rumble Bee.  From left to right is Dad's all-original Indy Ram which we are the original owners of.  Dad's Indy has about 12,000mi.  Next is my Indy Ram which is affectionately know as ND RAM.    ND RAM was purchased from Mark Hamrick who was the original owner.  Mark poured over $20,000 of aftermarket parts into ND RAM to make it truly one sweet ride.  Some of ND RAM's mods. include a Procharger, 2/3 drop, Skunkworks PCU, reburned transmission chip, ceramic-coated headers, Dana 60 parts, custom exhaust through the bumper, Mopar bed cover, Mopar Performance valve covers, custom bumper cover, custom seat covers, carbon fiber interior accents, and a host of other mods.  Next is Mama's Indy Ram.  Mama is the third owner of this Indy Ram which we got from Michigan.  Mama's Indy, which is a daily driver, is being prepped for its upcoming restoration which will include a new bed, doors, roll pan, front bumper/bumper cover, and possibly engine mods.  Lastly we have Dad's 2004 Rumble Bee #4535.  Dad bought the Rumble Bee in August 2004 and so far it has a Mopar becover with stripe carried over and a Rumble Bee decal, MRK Group interior accents, Auburn limited-slip, embroidered head-rests, and wheel well liners.

Daniel (ND RAM)

Thanks for sending in the great pics of your stripped Rams both old and new. Really enjoyed readying about the history of them and to hear how Mark's ride ended up at such a fitting new home. Nice to see the Indy bug is alive n well 

RM Indy

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