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MagnumForce360 sent in
this pic of his beautiful
Really Red 95 Ram

95 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 R/C S/B


                            Truck Mods:

  •  Ramairbox w/14x3 K&N w/3"dual snorkel

  •  MSD 6al

  • Blaster SS coil

  • MSD 8.5's

  • Mopar Perf. computer

  • March 3pc Pulleys

  • Elec Fan

  • Magnum Perf. TB

  • Magnum Perf. Trans

  • w/shift kit & 3000stall

  • Random Tech. Hi Flow Cat

  • Gibson Dual exit catback

  • 275/75/16 Michelans



Nice light Mike if its a 500 tree!


A peak under the hood reveals
a New Ramairbox as well as other goodies
Nice detailing there MF 360 !!

Thanks for sending me those great pics of your truck. Looks like you've got her running great. RM Indy

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