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Here's Joe giving a good smoke show

This is my 98 Dodge Ram 1500 aka "The Leviathan" I have got alot of plans for this beast, excluding what i have already done to it. when i am done with truck it will look like something from the old musclecar days and bue running in the 10's or lower, well have to see what happens. Joe S

98 Ram 1500 QC  5.9 Auto

Truck Mods

- Exhaust
- Headers
- MP 1.7 roller rockers
- Hypertech (soon to be  MP PCM)
- MSD 6al  ignition
- battery relocation to bed
- Synthetics in motor tranny and rear
- Deep sump tranny pan
- Cargar Wheels and MT street ET radials
- Lowerd 2"in front & 4" in rear


Bragging Rights

Quarter Mile

14.9 sec @ 92 mph


est. HP

300 hp

est. wt.

4950 lbs

Battery relocated to the bed for better weight distribution

 Future Plans:
- MP M-1 2bbl intake
- KRC performance 220 cam
- Edlebrock aluminim cylender heads
- MP toruqe converter
- Hughes engines 58mm tb
- Huges engines 426ci stroker kit
- Nos 135 shot with the KRC tb nitrous plate)
- Switch out shorty headers for KRC long tube
- Switch out magnaflow catback for a true dual setup with cut outs
- drop the truck 2" in thr front and 4" in the rear
- wrap up a set of cragar's the mick tompson steet et rubber in the rear and sportsman in the front
- Old school shaker hood with functional ram air
- 24 lb/hrs fuel injectors
- All new fuel system with fuel cell in the rear and an areomotie pump
- Caltracks traction bars

Exterior mods:
- Shaker hood
- Gaylord fiberglass tonneu
- front bumper cover
- 1970 reproduction superbird rear spoiler
- new paint shceme with sublime green and black colors ( still desideing on stripping and pattern)

Interrior mods:
- Full autometer NV series gauge set up
- Dash color matching ext color
- 1970 challenger seats
- Relocate shifter to floor and throw on pistol grip shifter
- Maybe new sound system, last thing i care about though

Welcome aboard Joe, that's one pretty quick QC you have there.  One thing, if you go with a 426 with that cam , intake and heads, 24lb injectors will be too small especially if adding nitrous or supercharger. NA you will need 30lb, and probably a flash at least to control it. Adding nitrous or s/c, you want a minimum of 44lbs-65lb depending on boost/n2o levels could be as high as 72-96lbs. You can only control something like that with stand alone engine management. Fuel system(return) requirements/costs will go up substantially as well.. A1000 pump for the 426na but adding nitrous/blower you will need something like what I am installing.     RM Indy

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