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My name is Jason G. and I'm from Phoenix Arizona.
I loved your site and would love to join the crowd!!
Bought the truck used in 98' with only 9700 miles on it. Took it around the block and fell in love.

TLC Performed

Stock engine with K&N air filter.
All synthetics used.

No-posi 3:55 rear end (Didn't look when I bought it)
Rear Roll Pan and Billet grill inserts.
Centerline Wheels with stock Goodyear GTII Tires




R/T - .548
60' - 2.784
330 - 7.138
1/8 - 10.628 @ 70.68 mph
1000' - 13.605
1/4 - 16.141@ 88.63 mph

I have a better slip with time of 15.8, but don't have it with me!

Junior Indy Driver in the making :)

PS.The wagon is my sons. I couldn't stand it being red and in the back of my truck, so I painted it!
Now it looks better!!

Look out Jason, couple of years and your son will asking for the keys to the big one. Thanks for sending in the pics.  I'd forgoten how good it looks like without the side decals . RM Indy

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