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I took these shots of HP Indy's super sharp slammed 96 while checking out Performance World Custom Car n Truck Show in Toronto back in 02


Last setup he was sporting 20s, 408ci NA with 449rwhp/425rwtrq

408ci stroker with diesel spec 4spd auto (06 combo)

  • MSD 6 al Ignition

  • MSD blaster coil

  • Optima batter relocated to bed

  • FAST Bank to Bank engine management

  • F&B 58mm billet tb

  • Mopar M1 4BBB intake manifold opened to 58mm

  • Mopar Alum heads 2.08/1.625  flowing 300+CFM!

  • Comp Cams solid lifter 260/266 @.050 w/680L

  • Eagle 4340 Billet 4" Crank

  • Eagle forged H rods

  • Wiseco forged 12.0:1 cr pistons

  • Total Seal gapless rings

  • Front/ Chassis Tech Air Ride

  • Rear/ Chassis Tech 4Link w/Air Ride

  • 3.92 gears

  • Detroit Locker

  • SS Mirrors

  • Inovation Tonneau Cover

  • Bed Rug

  • APC Clear Corners

  • APC Clear Taillights

  • Michelin Pilots



HP_Indy_down_low.jpg (31775 bytes)



Performance stats

Best 60' 1.78 (Oct 29/05-401rwhp/456rwtrq)

New best 12.87@104mph  (Oct 29/05-429rwhp NA)

12c  102.8 baro cross tail wind

Check out his 12sec pass (above) on Streetfire, just use your back button to return




09 Update

R3 block 454ci, , Indy 215/162 valved heads w/1.6rr,

260/266 solid lifter cam sporting 680L

Ball park estimate of hp,,,,,,520rwhp

More wt reduction and relocation

HP Indy Video

HP Indy Burnout on street tires

HP Indy vs RM Indy

HP Indy Dyno Session July 2007

HP Indy vs Mattys Dak RT

Had a great time meeting up with HP and a few others from DTO on June 8th. We did more racin, talkin and stripping off parts then taking pics.


Sweet lookin ride from every angle

HP Indy, RM Indy and Matty's Dak on the right at Cayuga.

2011 new combo

Mopar R3 block

Indy Cylinder heads & intake deck/matched/cnc machined


CSR electric water pump

Moroso Deep pan

Custom fuel rails

1350cfm Accell 3bbl tb


May 5th 2011, motor has been run in at Aurora automotive

Dyno tuning/testing will be done on May 9th.

Jim setting his timing for the 3rd & final pull

Engine dyno pull May 9 2011

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I've had some good times with HP, cruisin to and

from the tracks,  scouting for the L's in the lanes, or

just wrenching under the hood. 

Thanks buddy  RM Indy 



I met HP back in 02, but our Indy's had known each other much longer, they were brother Indy's off the same lot



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