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Gasman's got a sense of humor, appropriate sign above.  Someone may need tires soon

96 Indy 5.9 Auto S/G


  • 51.75mm tb

  • Ramair

  • 13" KnN filter

  • Tornado tb spacer

  • 4x4 wheel well inserts (rear)


Gasman mentioned, 120K miles and still turns a 17.2 at 6800 ft.
much faster when I bring it down from Denver but
I haven't had it at a strip at low altitude that
wasn't rained out. run it with out the side stickers
around town, had them mounted on magnet strips with
matching color background. you should see it with them
upside down drives the Indyram club crazy.

Thanks for sending that in Gasman,  nothing like a couple big fat stripes with smoke RM Indy


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