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Darcy getting ready for a pass at the AC Delco Nationals

79 Lil Red Express

440 bored 30 over

5.13 gears

full interior

wood inlay bed tubbed

4link w/coilovers


Best 1/4m ET - 10.48 @ 128mph

Best 60ft - 1.465 on 10.5" slicks


Vague on info cause I'm going by memory (whats left of it)

I took these pics of Darcy's Lil Red at a Mopar meet at St Thomas a few years back (crap camera)

Darcy's claim to fame, worlds fastest Lil Red Express

Some of the pics above are from dragtruk.com which places his truck in the #115 spot of over 1400 listed.  If Darcy wants to share what is done to this beauty (dont count on it) I would be glad to add the details. Thanks RM Indy

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