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Dan Z's Garage

Here's Dan's recently purchased 94

94 Dodge Ram SLT 5.9 Auto

Currently has a KnN filter installed

Deflector n Soft tonneau

tinted rear window

cb radio

Alpine cd/head

Sony Xplode 6/9 front 5 1/4 rear

Custom Sub box w/Sony amp n Xplode 2x12"

Kept safe with a Viper Alarm

Dan has a plan to get a late model 2500 cummins for work and tow duties with the 94 being used as a "project".  He has a need for kickin some Lightning butt so he's envisioning a 440 wedged into the engine bay. Seems Dan's an ex Chevy man. Says the Rams the only truck for him now.  Good choice and good luck on the 440. Love to see some more pics as it comes along. RM Indy

Looks like a great choice for a project. Hope to hear your poundin back the L's real soon

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