Trailer Queen

This is back in 99 with my 98 5.2 4x4 towing, first year with the trailer, captured from video

99 Miska 18' modified hauler

I had this trailer built back in 99 with some extra angle iron added to the beavertail and had the fenders kicked out a bit more so the front wheels would just clear with the street tires on it. Upgraded the jack and also had extra hooks added on the front and signals moved out as well. Saved me at the track 4 times now having it on the trailer.  I have a Class IV weight distribution hitch which helps a lot with stability.

Call it a trailer queen if you want but, my back and knees won't let me change all 4 tires at the track any more (my body has some hard miles on it).  200mile round trip to the closest track and 425mile round trip to this one above (long day). Tires aren't recommended for extended highway use and I don't want to waste them on the trip there. I do run them on the street though (wkds).  RAIN IS NOT AN OPTION.


Since 2000 I have been towing to the track with the 99 V10 4x4 2500HD (plow/tow/camper). Lots of torque gets it off the line quickly (better than a 325i lol)

With the skinnies and slicks adding to the drop (3x5.5) I find it easier to just drive it on the trailer to have a look underneath. Good for doing oil changes on as well ;)
















With over 70 meets or TT's,  towing has probably saved me a couple of large tickets on the way to & from the track. I always tended to speed before n after going so it was a matter of time till I got nailed with a big one.

I snapped this picture of my buddy HP Indy & my Indy in my rearview on the way to ST Thomas dragstrip.

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