June 8th St Thomas Shootout

Heres a couple pics from the good time had by those that attended


HP and I met up for the long cruise out to ST T

Some of the gang, L-R RM Indy, Middy, HP Indy with Matts RT on the end

End of the day and our pit area started to look like a swap meet.  

We probably had close to $10k in parts, off and lying around

Even Middy was trying out the weight reduction to see if any gains could be had

Matts very sweet looking Dak RT, love the working ramair hood!

The now potent HP Indy

Here's ?? sweet looking yellow Dak RT

RM Indy with the Beast in the background

And the trip home

  1. HP Indy vs Matty

  2. RM Indy vs Matty

  3. HP Indy vs RM Indy

  4. Middy vs Chev

  5. RM Indy interior pass

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