In Loving Memory of

Gord Bray

March 21 1960 - Aug 17 2007

 A painter, sculptor, model maker, prop maker, sfx & digital artist with a keen interest in castles & both WW1 & WW2 which was reflected in his game play, miniature & model making in his free time. Warm caring, honest with a great sense of humor and generous to a fault. Gordo has gone to make animations for the big guy. God speed to the best friend we could ever have, you will truly be missed

 Blair & Sherrall



Digital artwork by Gord to commemorate my 50k hit on the site

Gord made this for my SlothsMegaMaps site (online Delta Force series) back when we were doing a lot of online battling together

One of his more recent works

Sgt Flea signing off, catch ya later buddy

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