99 Pics n Slips

Leaving the line during timetrials in 99. No tailgate or tonneau, race rims n rubber on at 4030lbs + me. Seasons best time 14.49@93.4mph

Mods Completed in 99

  • Dropped the Jet chip (garbage/waste of $)
  • Mopar Performance Computer (hello 14s)
  • Magnaflow Hi Flow Catalytic 
  • Bosch platinum plugs indexed and .40 gap
  • Taylor 8.0mm wire set
  • Cap n rotor

What those times mean according to Dragstrip Plus


Big improvement over last year after dropping the POS Jet Chip. No more bogging off the line. The cat n mp pcm really opened the door to better ets and short times. Brought it all together.

April 16 99

Here's a launch in full street form. Ran a best of 14.89 @approx 4245 + me

99 April 16, first time out with mp pcm n magnaflow cat.

Smoked last years best even though I was in full street form at approx 4245 +

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