99 Chryslers At Cayuga

Not the best scan and I copied nnd pasted one part of the article into this pic though it is real hard to read with the tiny fonts they used. Also the picture in the paper is not from that meet. Rob Potter supplied the photo from another meet. (track photographer) That day I had the tailgate and tonneau cover on.  Still doesn'nt matter, a win is a win. Not a bad payout either, $400 plus a 5gallon racing fuel jug(Blue !) full of 110 octane. :) Bought a  weight distribution hitch with the winnings

Here's the final round winning time slip. Oh the radar in the left lane was acting up so no I wasn't on the brakes that much. Trap speed was probably in the high 80's at the 1/4 mark. Got one time slip that month & the guy I ran in the left lane the mph said 564mph. Temp 83deg F 65% Hum. 101"Baro 660' not corrected. Truck weight approx. 4230lbs for this race


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