96 Pics N Slips


 Leaving the dealership April 29/96 on the way home I stopped in at

 Performance Improvements (never again). Ordered the K&N FIPK 14x2.25" chrome top.

 I couldn't wait to go to the drag strip to see what the 245hp/335trq 5.9 would do (good pwr then).

July 8/96 went to the first Chrysler meet to find out. Signed up for both the show & racing.

 Never left the truck in the show area long enough to get judged lol


96 Mods


K&N FIPK 14x2.25" chrome top

Factory 3.55 gears with suregrip

RDL f/g snug tonneau cover painted to match


 Chryslers At Cayuga

July8 96

First outing 

One pass and that was it! I was HOOKED!!

Ran a 16.035 best that first day. 3 other Indy's present all ran 16.3+

Beating the odd car is always fun!

Had a few good races threw the year against this quicker 95 (ran 15.4)

Pre digital camera so you cant see the Lil Red Express Decals on his truck

96 best of 15.89

My rt's were consistent (shitty ) in my humble beginnings


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