08 Pics n Slips

08's Planned Mods

  • Paint the frame from diff back (diff also?)                    working on it

  • Install Aeromotive fuel system (Eliminator)                  on bench

  • Install alum fuel cell in the bed                                     on bench               

  • Modify wiring harness and install w/FAST

  • Install 408 w/SCE hd gaskets & Hughes rocker girdle

  • Install Viper 3800stall tc & PATC Ramzilla trans

  • Paint/match chrome tail lights and install                     on bench

  • Chrome 1 piece headlight/signals                                  installed

  • Powder coat the last 20 or so pieces                              20, I wish

  • American Racing Burn 22x9.5                                      

  • Pacesetter long tube headers & y pipe                            need coating

  • Yokohama 285/35/22                                                     ordered

  • Russell braided brake line                                              on bench

  • EBC dimpled/slotted rotors & Hawk ferro carbon         in transit

  • Alum 2 core rad                                                             need brackets

M1/2BBL w/turtle and loaded


Feb 18 08, Ordered American Racing Burn 22x9.5" chrome rims today.  Have to do some searches to see what I can come up with for rubber for these.

Feb 25 08, The rims were shipped on last Thursday and arrived Monday. Cant believe they got them across the border that fast. Look great.


Feb 27 08, Just ordered a set of Pacesetter long tube headers and y pipe. Got the painted ones. After the motor/trans and wiring is all back in Ill install the headers and trailer it to a shop for the rest of the exhaust. Then remove it all and get it ceramic coated from head to tip.

March 6 08, Pacesetter LT headers arrived today.

April 3rd, Signed up for Pinks All Out. Coming to Toronto Motorsports Park on July 11/12. I have tons to do so not sure if I will be ready or qualify (11.3 et cutoff) but I'm going to try my hardest.

April 5th, Finally got into the garage today to get it cleaned up and organized.  Started to strip down the frame from behind the cab to the roll pan as well as cleaning up the diff/axle tubes.


April 15, More frame cleaning, did a test fit on the AR22s as well. Also below pics of the billet Jomar rocker girdles (from Hughes)


April 26-27 Have most of the frame cleaned up now for what I can get at. Need to lift the bed off to get the rest.


May3-4  Removed the factory taillights, pulled the wiring harness back to the cab. Marked the pan for extending the stripes and removed it (wrapped up/paint later) Lifted the bed off after disconnecting my relocated battery in the bed. Probably move the battery to the back of the bed,  preferably under it.




May 10-18, More clean up on the back end, fun wow. Scraped down,  wire wheel and lots of sanding. Planned on just putting the cell on top of the bed but with the bed off thinking under the bed would be so much cleaner. Got some 2x4" tubes and test fitted them between the frame rails and placed the cell on top just to get a visual. Doing a lot of measuring trying to decide.




May 24, Finally decent weather so some of the paint projects can be finished up.. Sand blasted the new intake mani bolt heads/washers, dipstick tube and factory trans dipstick tubes as well as new heater outlet and  new thermostat tube. Powder coated the 2 water outlets with my Indyblue mix. Both turned out perfect.

May 27, Powder coated the heads/washers for the 12 int/mani bolts mirror black & did the oil dipstick tube reflective chrome, turned out great.

May 29, Today finally coated the main bracket that holds the supercharger with mirror black. Been putting it off due to its size. Barely fits in my oven so did some test passes putting it in the oven without bumping it. Did one side at a time and it turned out pretty good. Trans dipstick tube had to be done in 3 sections due to its length. Both ends look good, so much for the middle lol. (cant be seen)

May 31, Sandblasted the motor mounts cause I wasn't happy with them being red (clashed too much). Used Duplicolor ceramic blue caliper paint on them and they look a lot better (4-5coats). Cut a Russel 10an coupling, leveled & beveled it to be used as the return for the cell.

June 4. Took the fuel cell apart (removed foam, lid & sender) and dropped it off at Universal Spinners to have them cut the 8an return off and weld in the 10an one I modified (coupler) Ordered Yokohama 285/35/22s and when they come in (next week maybe) Ill do a test fit and decide on if I'm going to bag the truck or not. Rims/rubber wont tuck but an adjustable suspension with tubular A arms and 4link will really help at the track so may still go for it.

June 8 LMAO, the BS continues, the 38x18 2core alum rad I ordered is made in Ontario Canada about 180miles from my house. Its shipped to a company in Florida that has the rights to all their rads. They then ship it the 1200miles back to my place. It wont be made till first week in July before its 2400mile round trip to FL n back. Universal spinners will be welding on the brackets to mount it, plus fans and alum catch can.

June 11 Removed the stock headlights and installed the chrome one piece lights/signals. Look ok but they are not adjustable and seem to have a bit of space above them and white mounting points stick out below so I need to make/paint a filler piece for under lights on both sides (may go all the way across to fill under grill also). Put the foam, lid and sender unit back into the fuel cell. Universal did a good job welding it. Also removed the SMT6 from the glove box.


June 15, Cut the baffle screw mounts(6per cover) off the bottom of the MP alum valve covers with the dremel so they wont interfer with the Hughes rocker girdles. The girdles act as a baffle so its ok to remove them. .


July 28 08 My order from Summit finally shipped today, (rotors/pads/last fuel fittings) hope to have it by Friday with any luck. My 38x18 2core rad arrived week ago. Just counted all the pieces that I have powder coated so far and including nuts, bolts & washers there are 113pieces I have done! Just finished with the driveshaft loop. Most of them are in the picture below

Been a little distracted lately. few weeks ago got a new desktop and did a major rearrange of my computer area. New pc has Q9300 processor (quad 2.5s), 4gb ram, 1tb of memory (twin 500gb drives) 512mb Nvidea vid card, TV tuner card (record satellite) 20x dvd burner, blue ray player Saitek keyboard. 2500 dpi mouse and Acer 26" monitor (1920dpi). Its all inside a massive Coolmaster (750watt/25cm fan and twin 9cm fans) cabinet. Also got a new Logitech Force 3d Pro flight controller. Built a stand for the monitor and speakers, painted it with some flat Duplicolor hi heat manifold paint, then a couple coats of clear.


July 28-Aug 1 One day I will finish powder coating parts. So far this week 74 assorted bolts, nuts and washers for, valve covers, alt, pwr steering, coil, crank pulley, motor mounts, motor to trans & trans mounts. Still a few more things I want to coat. One of 3 boxes I've been waiting for from Summit arrived today. more MSD inj clips (need them for the FAST prepped harness) brake pads for the Indy and 4x4, polished Rams head 3rd brake light cover,  more 8an braided fuel line and hopefully the last of the fittings for my fuel system(ouch) as well as some alum. steps for the 4x4.

Aug 2 - 3 More powder coating again today with 24 nuts, bolts and water hose clamps done and put the driveshaft hoop back in.

Aug 4, Today, doing more pwdr coating with 27 nut, bolts & brackets for the rear brake lines and roll pan after a bit of sandblasting. Almost have the axle prepped for paint finally. Still waiting on rubber for my 22s, been over 2months now, almost tempted to start looking elsewhere.

Aug 5, EBC dimpled/slotted rotors for the V10 arrived but not for the Indy? All 3 boxes Summit shipped cleared Canada Customs on July 30th. Aug 8 contacted Summit so they could find out what happened and it seems Canada Post lost them. The EBC rotors are special order so I have to wait another 2+ weeks before they arrive at Summit again. They are shipping by a different method so hopefully have them by the end of the month. Seems everything Ive ordered the last year has run into issues grrr.

Aug 12, Indy rotors arrived. Summit box is fine but one of the EBC boxes is damaged, both rotors scratched up, left rotor had some gouges in the face and would rip up new pads. End of the rotor looks like it was dropped on concrete. Sending them back.

Sept 12 2nd set of EBC rotors arrived from Summit in perfect conditon.   The Yokohama Prada 285/35/22 arrived (almost 4months) and are mounted on the rims. Big thanks to John over at Consumerstires.com, wicked deal on them compared to anyone else up here so worth the wait.. As usual, more sand blasting and powder coating, at 19 pieces this week so far.  Water pump bolts and the cover at the front of the trans/starter motor as well as the ubolts & nuts,  top/bottom for leaf to axle as well as brake clamps & mounts on the axle.  The blue hue in the black pieces is reflecting off the Indy above the parts. I love the mirror black.


Sept 19,  Got the cab back frame and diff/axles clean enough to coat with zinc phosphate (metal ready). POR15 semi gloss now on the axle & most of the frame except around the spot for the spare tire. Removing it and welding in the 2x4s front/back.


Sept 24 & all of October, As the season started to wind down and most parts have arrived now. I am out of room in my garage. Wasting a lot of timing moving parts outside & rearranging so I can do work. Picked up a bunch of sheathing to finish off the walls to the ceiling with. I bought some 16' 2x10s when I built the garage 9yrs ago but never put the shelf up I planned. I had some 4x4s, quite a few sheets of 3/4" plywood as well as a bunch of 2x4s I found I had (buried under parts).  Emptied the garage, built a 4" deep shelf that spans the 16' across the whole garage. Also got a metal rack from work (bit banged up) and installed it above my work bench for additional storage.(30"x8'). This helped get as much of the junk and spare parts off the floor. Got pretty well everything back in the garage in time for the snow (which came early). Should make it much easier for me to work in the garage now.  Makes the wife happy cause I got all the parts out of the living room & computer room and into the garage. Still have to empty out a back room that has a lot of stuff once spring rolls around. Some how lost the pics I took as I was building, think the card I'm using in the camera is messed up. Pics from spring 09 below, still need to sort it out a bit


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