07 Pics n Slips

07's Planned Mods

  • KRC Billet fuel rails                         on bench

  • Aeromotive Eliminator fuel pump    on bench

  • Aeromotive Pump controller            on bench

  • Aeromotive  Pro regulator                on bench

  • Aeromotive 100micron filter             on bench

  • Aeromotive 10micron filter             on bench

  • 20 gal alum fuel cell (blue pwdrct)   on bench

  • FAST 65lb injectors                           on bench

  • FAST stand alone,                             on bench

  • FAST prepped harness w/CEL box    on bench

  • Accel 3bar map sensor                       on bench  

  •  ICS Titan copper o-ringed hdgskts    on bench

  • Viper 3800 stall torque convertor        on bench

  • PATC Ramzilla 48re internals             done

  • trans shield

  • relocate battery again, w/cutoff

  • remove por15 from firewall forward   done

  • smooth frame firewall forward            done

  • clean frame firewall to front of bed    done  

  • custom alum rad

  • custom driveshaft

  • powder coat various pieces              30 & counting

  • polish tb hat & MP PCM                   finished           

  • ss brake lines, new cd/slotted rtrs

  • chrome 1pc headlight/signals             on bench

  • chrome tail lights                               ordered

Lots of parts still on the bench from last year that I have to install. (fuel/tune) Rewiring most of the truck front to back with a wiring harness prepped for the FAST and CEL delete box remove the smt6 and digital fmu, new return fuel system with alum cell. Planned on having the cell flush with the bed but its going on top of the bed intsead.  (if bagged/controls below cell)

Cleaning off the frame rails from the fire wall back and painting them with POR15 same as I did in the front last spring. 

Should see 11.2-.11.4s with the 408 seeing 8psi so I need to add a cage or will get the boot from the track and eventually turned away. Looking for 12psi boost so prefer to be covered before I get to the 10s.

Motor is out, heads off so the ICS Titan head gaskets can go on and drop the reworked stocker tc (2500stall) to add the Viper 10"tc (3800) still need an SFI flexplate and trans shield.

March 7 07 Currently looking at tranny parts. Probably going with 6gear planetaries and sun shell to beef my 46re up to a HD fortified 48re tranny. PATC Ramzilla is the kit in particular. Also new rad to help cool the beast. Stock ones no where near enough for planned hp levels so its got to go as well.

Counting the days till I can restart work on her! As usual expect to see a ton of pictures as things progress.

July1 07  Back from kitchen renovation hell. Took longer than I thought and another 2 weeks to sort out the house after so I could get at all my parts. Spent today organizing tools (back into garage) and got my evap canister out and the lines for it as well as scrapped some of the crap off the frame in prep for POR15. Cleaned up my hs1.6rr and few other pieces.

July10-11 07 Removed a few more pieces and trying to organize the garage better by putting some of my oem parts back in the basement of the house.  Sanded down my ATI airhat, it was a very rough casting and I took it down to as smooth as I could get it and polished it up. The casting has lines in it that even after a lot of sanding still show but looks much better even with the lines.  I didnt take any close up pics of before but the first pic of the underside shows how rough it was too start.


Cleaned up the heads and made sure the plugs were indexed correctly as well as played with the M1, new injectors and fuel rails.

Started looking for an airbag setup now.  I need a parallel 4link in the rear end with all the power Ill be putting down as well as I'm tired of the static suspension. Easier to work on if the truck can go up n down without a jack or stands.  Not sure if Ill order now or wait.

July20-24, Polished up the MP PCM and put it in. Pulled the driveshaft & drained the trans and removed my wideband o2 and front narrowband to help get the exhaust out. Cut the exhaust behind the cat and removed a hanger to get the tranny out. My 3ton floor jack crapped out so off to CdnTire tomorrow to get a new one (little pos 2 ton wont cut it)

Ordered a powder coating kit and a bunch of powder/paint plus IR curing lamp. Ill use my old kitchen stove for smaller items that can be baked and things that cant go in the oven Ill use the lamp. Picked up a pressurized gravity feed tank for sand blasting larger items.

July 25-28 Got the 3.5 ton Michelin jack (blue) with 25" max lift and 6 ton stands. My 3ton stands too short to get the tranny out from under the truck. Big thanks to my wife, she was a good help and even gave me a hand lifting the trans into the back of my 4x4.  Dropping it off at Mr Transmission (28th) so Ray and the boys can do their magic and upgrade everything to a PATC Ramzilla level 4. Figure at least 2weeks before its ready. (maybe longer due to parts) Ordered the last of my fuel fittings and 6' of 8an, 6' of 12an and 20' of 10an braided lines.


Aug 1 Finally started cleaning up the frame today. Only got from the back of the lower control arms to the trans cross member (inside of frame). Removed the cross member and cleaned it all up. Ill sand  blast it later when I'm ready to start painting. (or pwdr ct) At Straight Line Racing picking up the last of my fuel fittings and braided lines. Still need to modify the fuel cell, remove the 3, 8an bungs for a 12an feed and 10an return. May just take it into an alum fabrication shop with all the work I still have to do.

Aug 4-6 Put the first coat of POR15 on the frame from the drive shaft loop to firewall after I finished cleaning it up the rest of the way. Looks pretty good but may have to give it another coat. Continue on tomorrow with cleaning the rest of the frame.


My new tranny is ready and Ill pick it up on Friday. Ray Sanchez at Mister Transmission (Scarboro) put together one mean tranny. It has all the PATC Ramzilla Level 4 tricks except used a better pump and went with the 4.2:1 ratio instead of the 5.0:1. Ill be picking it up on Friday but wont be reinstalling it till I finish the frame painting and fuel system.

Aug 29, Finally back at it again after waiting on some more supplies. Powder coated my first pieces today.. Couple brackets that may or may not go back on the motor (alt/ac brackets) After sand blasting the pieces I used starlight purple which looks great with lots of metal fleck in it.  I want to try a coat of translucent blue on them to see if I can get it closer to Indy color. I don't have a stove hooked up yet to cure the bigger pieces so Ill have to use my IR cure lamp (takes a lot longer). When I figure out the color(s) I'm using and do a few more test pieces Ill go on to doing my main/sub blower brackets and a couple other pieces as well as detailing a few parts.


Sept 1-2 Stripped the alt bracket back down plus blasted my water outlets on the front of the M1 (2) trans dipstick tube, 4 sets of nuts and bolts, back right shock tower and egr block off plate on the back of the M1.  Custom mix (75Navy/25Starlight Purple) on the 2 water outlets, nuts and bolts and alt bracket. Mirror black on shock tower and egr block off plate. Adding more pics as I get more things finished. I cant take shots myself while working on the parts cause of the gear I'm wearing/using so my wife's been trying to get a few pics of me in action (tyvm)

Sept 3-6 Sanded down the back main mounting plate for the Procharger and powder coated it mirror black, also a couple of bolts. The trans/motor cross supports and fuel rail mounts are now reflective chrome. May give the fuel rail supports an additional coat of either anodized red or translucent blue. (need to do some test pieces first) Few pics of what Ive been up to.




Sept 8-19 After much debate, started to remove all the POR15. Some area's it wasn't adhering properly and the finish wasn't uniform so I'm re-doing it all. Using all the recommended products and following directions to the letter front to back. Under hood passenger rail I've now sanded out the weld splatters and over welds at the mtr mounts so it will look cleaner before the POR15 goes back on. Still have to clean up the passenger rail around the steering pump and shaft on drivers rail.

Sept 22-23 Finished cleaning the frame cab forward. Blew it out, wiped it down with Marine clean (2:1), rinsed/wiped it with clean water, dried it, applied zinc/phosphate wash, rinsed/wiped it with clean water and dried again. Now ready to paint with POR15. Cleaned up the tranny hard lines.


The pile of powder coated parts is getting pretty big now (6 other pieces not in picture) Still more I want to do.

Sept 30, painted the frame today from below the rad support to just behind the cab. Took me 2hours to paint, then jumped in the car and drove 230miles. In Renfrew Ont. on business (hi Phil ) Any luck get the second coat Thanksgiving weekend when I get back.


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