05 Pics n Slips

Making some good headway on the Procharger D-1SC install

05 Mods

Cal Vu SS electric mirror's                                installed/painted          NI white faced gauges                                        installed                       NI white faced heater/ac controls                      on bench                     Painting some interior trim (32pcs)                   completed/redo 1/2? Repaint rear brake drums                                 completed                Paint front brake calipers                                  completed                Paint and smooth ext door handles                   completed                Paint gas & brake pedal arms                           completed                    Moroso battery kill switch                                 on bench                     FMS 24lb matched inj                                        installed                AEM digital a/f gauge                                        installed                    Bosch wide band o2 sensor                                installed                     Magnaflow 3" hi flow cat                                   replaced                 Bosch narrowband o2 (pre/front)                       replaced                 Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra Lite Gauges                                          5" 9krpm tach 2stg micro shift lite w/mem        installed                     2 1/16" Transmission temp gauge                      installed                  "       "  -30/+20 Vac/boost gauge                       installed                    "       "  0-100 Fuel pressure gauge                     installed                      2 gauge A pillar pod                                          removed                     3 gauge A pillar pod                                          installed                      1 gauge steering column pod                             installed                     SMT6 piggy back tuner (laptop)                        installed                    Mopar Alum blk wrinkle deep trans pan            installed             Holley 255lph in tank fuel pump                       on bench                    laptop (s) for tuning                                           comm w/smt6             Fabricate mount for fmu                                    installed             Taylor convoluted wire covers                            started            Vibrant silicon vac lines                                      started            Pioneer 6x9 3way 230wt                                      installed          Pioneer 5.25 3way 160wt                                     installed               ATI Procharger D-1SC, polished w/3core ic        installed              MSD injector clips                                              installed 

Need to add a switch for my relocated battery to run at the track. Ill be modifying/redoing  most of that from the front to back (fun never ends lol).

 Ill be adding FMS 24lb injectors (again) the LM-1, LMA-3/XD-1 from Innovative Motorsports, for  a/f then the SMT6 & a laptop for tuning. Till fuel and timing is sorted nothing else can be done performance wise.

Jan 5 new FMS 24lb injectors arrived. More research, decided not going the LM-1/LMA-3/XD-1 route. (XD-I still not released) SMT6 can data log the a/f ratio off the stock narrow band o2, Ill just add the AEM digital a/f gauge for visual confirmation when the laptops not in the truck, save a few bucks for something more important.


So far only have the 2 drivers side heater/ac vents out. I will be painting the 24 vanes blue

Update March 18 05

Haven't been able to update the site due to major problems with my main pc and  XP Service Pack 2. Cost me a bit of money and 2 months of hell, THANKS BILL!!  I've sorted things out no thanks to MS. New XP disk they sent was worse than the update.

Just ordered, ATI PROCHARGER D-1SC. I don't expect it to arrive till late May so I hope to have time to install everything else and get the tuning started so it will run much phatter on the fuel and pull some timing out of the MP PCM.

I ordered it (D-1SC) polished with upgraded 3 core air to air intercooler.  No more naturally aspirated/ramair.  The D-1SC is good for 10-12psi but I will be under driving it 25% this year. Stock gaskets under the stock heads. When I put cometics in, I want ported stageII (min) alum heads. Probably going to stroke it as well. For now though, I'm sure I can have some fun with 7.5-9psi inter-cooled to start.  Tb, m1, cam and 1.7rrs probably increased eff. a bit so the most Ill probably see on the gauge is 8psi max.

April 18th weekend, started sanding a few of the interior pieces and started throwing some paint on them :) Pulled the tach out and sat it on the dash again, , man its BIG.

April 21 She lives!! Rolled the Indy out of the garage finally and fired her up. Do an oil change tomorrow. Fresh synthetics for motor, taking it to my tranny guy Ray Sanchez in the next couple of weeks for a going over and get him to put in fresh synth in the tranny/diff (rebuild to diesels specs?) and toss my new deep tranny pan w/temp sensor in. Ill be hooking up the trans temp gauge in the cab myself when I get the column pod :) Be adding some pics of the paint work tomorrow after oil change.


April 24 Installfest 05. Off to HP Indy's place so we can work on both trucks. We're pulling his headers and lifting the motor so the new custom oil pan can go in. Mine we're pulling the ypipe and exhaust, to drill a hole for the w/b o2 bung, install and wire up the SMT6, swap to 24lb injectors, and hopefully start on some of the gauges. Ill be sure to add some pics in the next day or two before the parts start to go in. HP's GS motorsport pan wouldn't fit and I couldn't get the laptop to communicate with the smt6.

May 6-8 Finished up painting the first 2 heater/ac vents and reassembling, finished painting AutoMeter 2 gauge A pillar pod after painting it the wrong color first. Like how some manufacturers paint is not even close to that of the lid. Mixed 2 different colors and sprayed them with a friends airbrush. Try my own next time. Finally found the right clips for mounting the pod after searching for a while.  Try to get the a/f & vac boost gauges in by the coming weekend if possible plus the last 2 vents done. Having trouble finding the right step downs for the vacuum lines so who knows(1/4-1/8) Fingers crossed for the serial connector for my laptop as well.


May 17th,

still can't get the SMT6 to communicate with my new laptop. 2 USB to serial adapters, 1 port replicator and a pcmcia serial card and still no comm. Purchased another older laptop yesterday that has a serial port, this one won't communicate either. Patience patience. Any more patience and a may have to tune the smt6 with a hammer LMAO.

May 18th, still can not get the smt6 to communicate with either of the 2 laptops I now have.  Managed to drop the steering column (resting in helmet on seat) and pulled the full instrument cluster out.  Got confirmation the Ati D-1SC will arrive by the end of the month. Not even close to being ready for it.


May 19th, 2 coats on the last 12 vanes for the heat/ac vents, plus dash trim and gauge surround/trim pcs. White gauge faces now installed, cluster is still on my computer desk till I finish the paint for the gauge trim. Need the cluster in to set needles. Tweaking bios/cmos on older laptop trying to get communications with smt6.

May 20, 21 Wasting hours trying to get laptops to talk to the smt6. Still no luck.  Painting going slow, more sanding and coats on dash trim and cluster trim. Painted brake drums, and ends of the axles plus finished off cluster trim. Busted pin for one vane reassembling the last vent. Still need to get handles, pwr lock and window trim off plus overhead console. May hold off on them for a while. Took a little dremel work to get my Ultra Lite gauges to fit in the  A pillar pod. 


May 23rd Finally got communications between old laptop & the smt6 Cant start the truck with the gauges out so I can't play with it till it's back together. Doing some wiring behind the dash before I put the cluster back in, then needle settings. Test fitted A pod without gauges (need to open holes). Not happy with the color so I repainted it yet again after opening the holes. Below is what it looked like before the repaint on left, after and installed on right.


May25-28, Installed the A pillar pod with AEM digital a/f gauge and the Auto Meter vac/boost gauge.(above right) Still have to get the vac line and connector for the wideband threw the firewall. Not keen on the thought of drilling over a 1" dia. hole threw it. Got my new laptop talking to the SMT 6 today also

Cut the large grommet by the steering column instead of drilling a hole for w/b connector.

Fired it up and ran like crap, backfiring. Checked all ignition wires and smoothed out but a/f all over the map. Testing injectors seems #1 connector may be the issue. Test drive ran great, a/f looked pretty good.

May31, Tach is mounted and have it rough wired in currently.  Repainted airbag cover after damaging it when it fell on the concrete floor (opps) Another coat on the dash trim ring. Figure one more of paint then 2 clear coats will finish the trim ring.

June 1st           

Tach is all hard wired up now except for the second stage shift light. Need to hook one wire to an open switch. Also a fuzzy pic of the a/f gauge and vac/boost gauge when the truck was idling.

June 4th,   

Trans temp gauge now mounted in the column pod. Wiring roughed in, sensor and alum deep pan still on the bench. Splashed on 2 coats of clear on the dash trim ring. Maybe finished it finally.

June 5, I've finished the majority of the interior mods for now and reassembled. The trans temp gauge in the column pod lights up but isn't hooked up to a sensor yet. Plan on painting another 5 pieces but it has to wait for now. Need to extend & reroute the serial cable for the SMT6 so that it comes out down around the airbag control box.

I am quite happy with the sportier look the interior has now

June 6,

Work never ends LOL, had to go pick up more parts that finally arrived Excited? That is an understatement!!!!

June 7, Replaced the Magnaflow H/F cat today & the front o2 sensor. Feels slower ugghhh! Pulled the overhead console down and it fell apart (screws holding lights)

June 8, Passed Etest today.  Almost time to replace the new cat with a 3" straight pipe, snickers.  Finally cleared the bench enough from the last 2weeks installs to take a peak inside the big box   

Damn, this thing is really givin me some wood

June 13th,



MP Blk Wrinkle Deep Trans pan now install. Replaced the cat just in time. Bearings in the rear end are howling pretty good. Couldn't hear them over the exhaust till now. Ray Sanchez is replacing them for me on the 15th (hopefully).

PS. Nice job by NoyzBoyz performance exhaust. WTF is with the reducer connectors? I will be visiting them shortly to compliment them on the install.

June 20, My tranny man Ray Sanchez replaced all the bearings in the rear end  today, sounds good now  :). Ordered a AM Ultra Lite electrical fuel pressure gauge, should of ordered and installed with the rest but I cheaped out. May order a pyrometer as well to keep an eye on exh temps also.  Ordered fuel filter and may order new injector clips. Still having issues with possibly #1 or 3 and 6 & 8 injector clips cutting out. Cant go lean under boost so it must be sorted out before installing the Procharger. Or is it the wiring between pcm and clip?

Shooting for the end of July early August for installing the s/c as long as everything goes well.

June 30, Please make it stop,,,,painting has just gone out of control. I can't seem to stop pulling parts off the truck to paint them. Currently working on door pulls, pwr locks/window trim pieces, overhead console, just about finished prepping both exterior door handles with the power distribution centers cover as well. This weekend may start spraying some of the parts.

Mirrors still need paint, looking at powder coating a few of the blower mounting plates plus the tb hat. Or polished?


June 3, Thanks to Jamb for letting me use their spray booth. Another 12 parts are almost finished now except I need to buff them out. These ones are color matched to the exterior paint. The overhead console,  door pulls, window/lock control trim plus the exterior door handles and Cal Vu SS mirrors & power distribution cover. Forgot about taking pics but will snap a couple before and as I install the last of the  pieces.

June 4, Slowly installing all the painted pieces, using rubbing compound on them and polishing them before installing so it will take me all week to finish.


July 7, Finished installing the color matched mirrors and exterior handle today (pass. side) after replacing the nut I lost at home depot. Only managed to knock out about 1/2 the mini dent below passenger side handle. Looks better but not perfect. Needed to take the window track out but too many other things so I passed and did what I could. Installed a pair of Pioneer 6x9 3way speakers in the doors, put the color matched power lock/window switch trim back in.  Still have to pull out the rear panels. Have a pair of Pioneer 5.25" 3way speakers for there.


Tried getting some injector clips today, stealer has to order them stateside, none up here, trying Ford tomorrow see if they have any.

July 11,  Tracked my injector problem down to #7.  Firmly pressing the wires back into the clip and its been fine since.  Do some more testing to be sure and then its on to the next install.

July 13, Doing a bit of test n tune on the street and highway today (a/f good/inj#7ok). I was data logging with the SMT6 while adjusting the fuel and timing. Running pretty good considering the temps and humidity from this heat wave we've been having. Wants to stall off idle or on the brakes and when initially starting to data log or upload a new map. Still not sure if the Global Settings are correct or not. Hope to find out soon.

Picked up a 3 gauge A pillar pod today. Like I don't have enough work I am going to pull the 2 gauge pod I installed last month for a 3 gauge. Need to put my new fuel pressure gauge somewhere. See if I repaint the dash trim and vanes and airbag cover again or not. Color matched pieces I just added look so freakin good I would like the rest to match.

July 17, Still have the injector issue but its not acting up as much. Ordering a few(?) new clips (aftermarket) and going to replace some of the wire in the harness to the clips.  Installed Pioneer 3way 5.25" speakers in the rear.  Looking for a fitting for the electronic fuel pressure sensor to connect to the shrader valve on the fuel rail. Painted the new 3gauge A pillar pod. I have been doing some more tuning (street/highway) Now pulling fuel out on light throttle and adding it under wot. Runs 15.0a/f cruising at 2k rpms, wot goes below 12.0.  Like to get a few na passes in plus some dyno pulls before the blower goes in. Getting more aggressive with the tune. Going to try the one below next. May try to get to the track for a test n tune on Wed or Friday if I can swing it.


July 20th,  Finally made it to the track for the first time this year. Shake down runs were a bit shaky lol and had the odd time she wanted to die but everything went pretty good. Since last time, I no longer have a gutted h/f cat, truck wt increased by 30lbs & the ramairbox lid was not sealed. I estimate this cost me about .25-.3seconds on the 1/4. Last year only 3 passes in the 14.1 range. Without tuning this should of meant about 14.35-14.45 ets.

I ran a 14.08 best of the night. Left just before dark but probably could of got a 13 with a little more fine tuning and some more practice on the launches with the new tune. Scans of the last 2 passes of the night are below. Did ok on the tree

82F, 90% humidity, 101.6 baro, small tailwind(5-10mph)


Can't wait to get some times with the blower to see just how much the #s come down.

July 23,  Painted the front brake calipers red today with the Dupli-color kit.  Left over paint from it I used on the arms that hold the gas, brake and e brake pedals. Calipers look good but now they make the spindles look terrible, cant win lol.


July 31, Re-installed my Pioneer head unit and 12pack cd as well as the rear storage piece on the floor behind the seats. With my exhaust much quieter I can hear the tunes again without having to really crank them up.

Aug 8, Pulled out the 2 gauge A pillar pod and replaced it with a 3 gauge pod. New electric fuel pressure gauge is in but not working. Looking for a fitting to hook the sender unit up so the gauge is lit but not functional. Only took me about 5hrs to rip out and re-install. Should of just got the 3gauge pod to start. May still get another gauge or two, just need to find somewhere to mount them.



Aug 12, Finally got the right fittings to hook up my fuel pressure sender unit.($60!) Finished wiring it up and sealing it. Solid 47psi. Next up, replacing all my injector clips with MSD clips. #7 injector is intermittent so that could be most of my problem with stalling/stumble at idle and not the smt6 global settings. Find out this weekend I hope. Post some more pics when I get a chance to download them off my card.

Aug 16, Installed 1, 3 5 & 7 injector clips, a/f more stable now but still stalling at idle (intermittent). Threw the stock alternator pulley on and no change.

Aug 18, Painted the airbag cover yet again. This time its color matched.

Aug 23, Pulled out the ramair box and ducting today, just running the 14x3" open filter now. Put the alum. under drive pulley back on the alt. Finished installing the last 4 injector clips on 2, 4, 6 & 8.  Here's the last smt6 map I ran NA.

Next installs, Holley 255gph in tank fuel pump, Pro inline boost a pump plus Aeromotive Digital FMU.

Sept 7-8, I had the canister in the gas tank ripped apart but was having a couple issues with the new pump so I got nervous and put it back together stock with a fresh filter.  The Pro Flo boost a pump is mounted and hooked to the fuel lines.

Sept 9, Reinstalled the gas tank with the painted straps. Finished up with the inline boost a pump and have it wired & trimmed up. Fabricated a mounting plate for the Aeromotive digital fmu to attach to plus I painted it as well. Should be good to install it under the fmu tomorrow. Only have 2 more connections to finish up with the fmu. Installed a new throttle position sensor and put in a new pvc valve as well.



Sept 10, Supercharger will be going in today. Hope to get it plus most of the intercooler in. Probably still have the cold air kit to install on Sunday if everything goes ok. These installs have been a bit of a struggle with the kit intended for a stock Ram not a modified one. Had to make adjustments to the installs as I've gone along which has added a fair bit of time. Running out for the odd parts every day doesn't make the installs any quicker either.

Sept 11, S/C install is on hold till I can contact ATI. Trying to mount the blower onto the sub & main mounting brackets and there is interference from a bolt on the back of the blower. Instructions show the bolt lining up to a notch out on the sub bracket. The inlet/outlet appears to need to be spun about 10degrees counter clockwise so the notch out and bolt line up. Looks like the rear housing can be loosened and spun the amount needed but I want confirmation from ATI before trying it. Gave 2 coats of clear on the mount for the fmu and it had a major reaction. Had to pull all the paint off and sand it back to bare metal and start over ughhh. Figures, lmao!



Sept 12 & 13, Spun the rear of the blower after getting confirmation from Ray Sanchez (Ontario distributor for ATI). Installed the coil(between sub & main brackets), blower, tensioner and belt with the hoses down to the intercooler, blow off valve in also. 2 coats of paint and one of clear on the mount for the fmu.  Needs one more coat after wet sanding then I can install it (fingers crossed) and finish the fmu install.  Few more things still to do but the list is getting much  shorter and most of the parts have clear from the bench and table.  New gauge arrived, Auto Meter UL Pro Comp D Pick. Does the same thing as a G Tech with 0-60, 1/4 mile ets, rts, hp ect ect. Plan to mount it in the overhead console. Probably wont get around to that till next month.

Sept 17, The blower is sitting back too far. Pulled it and the main bracket and shimmed them so it would line up with the pulley. Mounted the spoiler below the intercooler after drilling the holes in it. It hangs down a fair bit so I may cut it back a couple inches.  Secured all the fittings and clamps plus installed the cold air kit. Installed the fmu on the mount I painted and got it all wired up. Fired it up after retarding the timing 6degrees and adding a bunch of fuel to be safe. Test drive the fmu is boosting fuel pressure to 100psi under wot, only seeing 1psi on the boost gauge. Belts slipping a bit and the blow off valve is releasing pressure way to soon. Barely slept last night(4hrs) cause I was too excited. Get back to it tomorrow to see if I can get some real boost out of it. At idle has a very noticeable whistle too it. Ill add a vid so you can hear it


Sept 18, Here's a little vid of the blower at idle. 5.1mb.

Sept 24, Made it to the track with HP Indy, Janesy and Mike. I had nothing but issues the whole night. Difficulties keeping it from stalling, With timing pulled for under boost it was misfiring badly. Reduced how much I was retarding the MP PCM and it started to run a fair bit better. Still misfired in at least one gear every pass. Only ran a best of 13.81 @ 101. Best trap speed mph  of the night was 103.62. Figure with that kind of mph should be running low 13s. Post a couple of slips when I get a chance. Didn't take  a single picture or vid. Too busy pulling my hair out and tuning, lol.




Oct 1, I was going to hit the track this weekend but didn't end up going. Instead I tried to disable the smt6. Unfortunately jumping the wires for fuel and timing and it would not start. (not firing?) Calls for 1 pull up on the engine side of the crank signal, I have one on either side. If I remember any time Jim tried it with only one pull up the truck wouldn't rev past 2k rpms without the ignition breaking up. I get it breaking up around 4-4500rpm with 2 pullups, and polarity both off for the ignition in the configuration. Going threw the schematics/wiring harness again. Must be missing something.

Oct 8, Disabled the SMT6 today and removed the MP PCM and put the stock computer in. There is no more stalling, running a fair bit smoother and stronger. Going to try reducing the plug gaps to .030. Still have a bit of a miss around 3000rpms. Possibly the map sensor is causing an issue.

Oct 9, Off to TMP for test and tune to get a better idea of how its running. Didnt have time to regap the plugs.

TMP Oct 9 05

Thanks Giving Day test and tune

Temp 55F, 102.0 Baro headwind of 10-15mph 85% humidity and climbing. Track surface was pretty good.

Truck was in heavy form as I was worried about traction. Sitting at the line w/me approx 4200lbs even.

Track was busier than  I expected, cool temps and almost seasons ending soon got everyone out cause it was lined up at the gate when i got there. Ran into a few buddies and the wife got some pics and video for me. Didn't regap the plugs before going, had to fix up some of my wiring with the smt6 disabled and put the stock computer back in.

First pass against a Camaro with probably a 305 I figured. Bye bye Slomaro!


Wasn't worrying about lights only what the truck was doing. Didn't push the stall off the line and topped out the mph for the stock computer about 1100-1200' out and got out of it(99.98mph). Boost now peaking at 7.0psi. almost dropped .8 seconds from testing(pulling hair out) with the smt6 2 weeks prior.

Cant go to the drag strip and not run a Stang GT. Nice late model one, not sure what he had done besides the same 12.5" ET streets. Do hear someone purging a bottle in the video, don't think he sprayed judging by the time slip below.


DAMN!!! Gotta love a 12.91(see vid page) There was a strong headwind, limited by the stock computer for rpm/mph, only seeing 7psi boost, no tune and still suffering a bit of a miss.

Side Note- What's even better is one of my helpers at work was talking smack about my truck 5months ago. I said I would have a 12second pass this year by seasons end and he was saying no way Dodge sucks. I told him to put up or shut up. Showed the guys at work the video and told the smack talker he should stick to printing cause he sure knows dick about performance and what a Dodge truck can do! He sheepishly paid me $100 so I bought a couple of pizza's for the guys the next night.

Next up I raced a Pro Street Blazer that was tubbed with a hot 350 in it.(sounded great doing a burnout in vid) Watched him run a couple passes and thought it would be a good race so asked him if he wanted to line up while in the lanes.

I really backed out of it at the top of the track as you can see by my 1/4 trap speeds. I tried a bit more stall at the line and redlighted opps.



My last pass of the day was against a 75 Vette. I foolishly decided to try the mp pcm. With no boost retard and the smt6 disabled pushing the rpms was not a good thing. Got sideways on the first shift with major detonation. Limped it down the rest of the way. I only ran a 14.8 to the Vettes 13.77(sounded like a bb)

When I returned to the pits I popped the hood right away to see most of the engine coolant in the overflow and it was gushing a milkshake. Figure I blew out the head gaskets on the 1-2 shift. Back end kicked to the left at the shift so I probably blew antifreeze out the overflow and spun on it. Just had to try it.

 I wanted to get a few more passes in before the end of the season and blowing the gaskets out but this finishes that idea. I ended the mock up a bit early Jim but had fun doing it. I know what I want to change with the ATI kit so now Ill be pulling it all back off and removing the engine. Ill be doing a fair bit of new wt reduction to knock off all the wt the blower has add plus a few extra lbs.

With the new setup, she's REALLY going to rock!!!!


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