01 Pics N Slips

Well 01 is finally over

Performance results for the season were consistantly faster every time out. Not
the biggest year of performance gains, but considering $s spent it was the best.
All the fine tuning of a few of last years mods helped. This season saw me switch to
straight manual shifting to get the rpms back up at shifts. Race kit shifts too low in
rpms in auto all gears(regardless of tv). Tightened up the rear with some homemade leaf
clamps, changed tire pressure as well. Weight reduction, and twin electric fans instead of
viscous saw my short times drop by .05 avg. to 1.95 1/4m Ets down .5 (13.99 best)


Oct. 20 01
14.03, 14.04 would have been under if the spin off the line wasn't
so bad with a 2.09 60' Much slower than normal 1.95avg. Still don't have the launch right but it has improved. My rollout has changed a bit as well it seems. Conditions, cool temps, reasonable humidity, mid/hi baro and a tailwind all helped. Truck race wt was approx 3865lbs, plus me (170 @ time) for 4035lb total.

Sept 15 01

New best of 14.15. Very consistant times between .15-.21 except on a missed shift. More in this yet

just have to tweak things with these faster harder launches trying different rpms again on the tc.

Mopar Day Sept. 15 01
Made it a mission to go regardless of everything against it. Booked 2days off for meet and with the stuff earlier in the week plus my tow vehicle getting stolen on the 13th I still made it to the track. Mopar day & Im towing with an 02 Sierra Z71 ext cab w 5.3.
All new bests again

Sept 2 Labor Day Spectacular

Got the fans installed but not running.
Ran anyways. Also testing my homemade spring
clamps for the rear leaves. Short times have
dropped a bit. Managed all new bests though
1/4 only slightly faster. Hope for better
air at the next meet, raindate for Mopar Natl.
on Sept 1

New Seasons Best Now

1/4 14.15@94.71

Note: my first race finally against
a Lightning. 00 L with the same tires as me.
I pulled away off the line and continued to run
till he caught me right at the 1/8(.003 spread)
Walked away after, but beating one by .1 on the
60 was real nice especially in front of a large
crowd. Lots in the lanes to see how I managed to do it:)

July 7 Mopar Natls

Well aside from the meet getting rained out at 1:30 pm and not a good turn out it was a great day! I only got 3 TTs in but,,,,, NEW SEASONS BESTS AGAIN After running a 14.20@94.73 I hot lapped it n backed it up with a

330' 5.823
1/8 9.04@75.94
1000' 11.82
1/4 14.18@95.47

60's back to normal again at Cayuga.
1.97-2.0. Nice to have traction.

Only time for a couple passes before the rain. Made the best of it and got New Personal Bests.

St Thomas Dragway

New Seasons Best Today
1/4 14.33@93.78
60's SUCKED Trouble stopping tire spin off the line.
2K rpm (2400stall) n baby it or Id haze the 12.5" M/T. Had to lift off the gas on one launch.
Top speed in the 1/4 now stands @95.91mph, 3passes over 95 all over 93mph

First time at this track. Little rough in the shut down area n had to go self serve on the timeslips one TT but they treat you good and were helpfull. Nice people,(was MOPAR DAY) some fast Daks, though none could keep up with me. Little disappointed, surprised n happy bout that one. :) Bumped into Bob Tom as well as Darcy n his dads 11sec Lil Red Express,,,,,,drool (see Visitors Parking). Glad Im typin cause the throats sore from talkin mopar. Very good day!

St Thomas Dragway
First time at this track. Heres round 1 Eleminations.
Ran a 14.39 on a 38 dial. Too bad I never figured
out the rollout n traction. Sleeping at the line with a .9 RT (ROOKIE)

May 13/01

Playing with the shifts points more. Manual shifting ran a couple ok passes of 14.518 & 14.522
First round I red lighted with a .480 oopps More important though I broke out as well. Dial of 14.51
Ran a New Personal Best

1/4 14.382@93.3mph!!!
Finally headed in the right direction again.Could be a good season

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