00 Pics N Slips

Getting ready to rumble Aug 12/00

  • 00's Completed Mods 

  • Tranny rebuild

  • 2400stall

  • Transgo upgraded to Race Kit

  • Ramair box

  • Indexed & regapped plugs

  • Magnaflow muffler single side exit in front of rear wheel now

Final seasons results were a bit disappointing as I never ran a faster 1/4. I can see Im going to have to fine tune some of the current mods. Work on refining ducting and sealing of the box plus more testing with shift points and launch with tire psi adjustments as well. After tranny and stall much more consistent times now. Always running a 14.5 every time out. All new best short times but no change in 1/4 ets.

Removed the  Edelbrock cat back due to  
part of last seasons stock catalytic may
have been in the muffler rattling around.
Magnaflow may have opened things too much.
May have to baffle the side exit pipe

4-00-DLB1.jpg (80129 bytes)

4-00-Towersideb.JPG (64174 bytes)

Tracks timing system apparently wasn't Y2K compliant.

Not sure if that's a date or temperature LOL

New best short times
Also other slips with a couple
of wins.


April 30 Saw Rob (track photographer) Standing on the wall, down low by the burnout area & between lanes as well snapping pics today so should have some more pics on the way soon.


Season's Opener/Adventure   
First Pull

Ok so I got to check out Indy at the track. Conditions as mentioned SUCKED. Froze the wee ones off!! But not only did I get to run Indy but also got to check out the 10 & what she can do.

Over the last 2 months I've been breaking in the V10. Beginning of April I put the car hauler behind the 10 a few times cause it just seemed to need something behind it. April 16 was season opener so it would be a good test to see how the V10 would do pulling Indy on the trailer. Couple of spots on the way to the track where tough on the poor 5.2 I had been pulling with.
Well the day finally comes after 3 days of prep work. Its cold & windy & bleak looking at 630AM Sunday morning. After 3 days of beautiful weather I get this ! Great. Load up Indy on the trailer & gear in the back of the 4x4 & we're off. First stop light a short distance later, pulling away from the light & other traffic I noticed right away this 10 KICKS! Out on the highway with cross wind it was all pretty stable for a 4x4 with 5700lbs behind it. Got threw the first couple tough spots in the city without a problem. Had to kick off the o.d. by the airport (expected that). Clear sailing till the stop light at the bottom of Hamilton mountain. Climbed the mountain in 3rd while gaining speed without breaking a sweat. The 5.2 screamed up in 2nd. Was quite pleased with how it handled it.

On the way back it was a little more exciting. Didn't notice till I was pulling on the highway to head home that the back wheel on the drivers side of the trailer was looking low. Pulled into the donut shop before going down the mountain to survey the damage. After inflating back up to pressure with my portable compressor & rolling everything forward I found the culprit. Nail between the middle set of treads. Good, should last to the bottom with out too much problems as long as I take it easy. That wasn't a problem as it was stop n go all the way down the mountain due to construction. Probably where I got the nail on the trip there. Made it to the town below with out a problem. The guys in Walmart had me in & out with in a half hour with my trailer tire plugged. Think they liked the V10 pulling Indy with the slicks on it.

  Finally getting out on to the main highway home & after a few short miles the 3 lanes come grinding to a halt. It usually slows right down around here. I tried to amuse myself by watching the cops almost shooting some clowns that were driving down the shoulder of the highway. It took the first cop a minute to get around them. These two idiots swerved back & forth in front of the cops. Heard on the radio they shut the highway down ahead due to a fatal accident. Uh oh this means a major detour. Got off finally after what seemed like forever at the next exit. Had to go threw some town & traffic was screwed. Got away from the traffic for a while. Approaching a traffic light ahead I spied a couple of guys pulling this empty Monster hay wagon sitting waiting to go threw the light. Hmmm looked like a similar Ram 4x4 2500. Rolled the window down & gave them the truckers pulling the horn cable gesture just before the intersection. As I went threw they responded with a couple of long horn blasts with the pair of them waving. Nothing like Ram pulling comradery.
 When I got to the next town (burb) it was red light after red light but at least 3 lanes wide. Back in the traffic again, I finally get to the front & I guess some of the traffic behind was getting tired of how slow everyone was driving causing us to miss the lights. Turns out it was the timing of the lights as I soon found out. Some guy in a 325i beside me off the line sounds like he's really going for it. I stomp on it the rest of the way. He couldn't pull away from me till he got into 3rd & then it was just inching forward even though you could obviously hear that he was trying. I made a point of not letting him without ripping the hitch off the trailer (31k lbs strength on chains n straps). Was the funniest thing & I couldn't help but LMAO while we sat at the next light ready for a repeat again. I think he wanted to make a right but HAD to pass me to do it. He almost jumped the light next time, but same results. Next light I let him go by backing off at 40 (side by side till then) & he got ahead & signaled and jumped over 3 lanes to make the  next right. Bet he ended up going home to write up the for sale ad for the autotrader! LOL

Got to like the Ram to the power of 10!          


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