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 Mild cammed 360 - burnout

 Mild cammed 360 with Blower at idle



Tons of track video's. Current best et! Races against, Stang GTs, Tubbed 350 Blazer, Rams, Daks, RRs, Duster, Neon, Civic w/nos, Prostreet s10. Plus an 01 Lightning. 10sec Lil Red and hemi's head to head. Dyno Vid

Downloads                  Dragstrip Plus software (one I use) as well as RACE Performance calculators  Also,  DODGE font for your pc!

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If you can't Dodge it Ram It !


Being a long time Mopar fan I put  this site together to help document performance gains from individual mods done to my Ram as well as custom work also performed. Also wanting to educate others on what kind of performance gains can be had, where some of them are and more important what doesn't work. Dodge deserves respect, no better way of getting it then to shut down a Ford or Chevy off the lights. Good luck with your mods & may the best Dodge win.                RM Indy






WOOT WOOT WOOT, bye bye to the beast see 2011 page for details :)



Check out the   Race Video

Ό Mile Performance

Stock May 96(tight) 16.30

96.....15.92 @ 84.1 mph

97.....15.37 @ 88.4 mph

98.....15.13 @ 89.3 mph

99.....14.49 @ 93.4 mph

00.....14.51 @ 92.0 mph

01.....13.99 @ 95.8 mph

02 ....14.15 @ 95.4 mph


04 ....14.10 @ 94.7 mph

05....12.91 @ 101.7 mph







8.26 @ 84.8 mph ( 85.4)


12.91 @ 101.78mph (103.6)

Goal 1

Sub 14sec no nos/sc No motor work  Attained 9/20/01

Goal 2

Final weight of sub 3800lbs w/no driver Attained Sept 04(?) Current est. 3900lbs (race trim)

Goal 3

Sub 13 sec w/motor work No n2o or S/C. Added S/C Attained Oct9 05 (blown)   May make another attempt at sub 13 NA with the 408 in 08

Goal 4

For now,    Ill be happy just to get it in the 11s & see 550rwhp (700+crank)


Be sure to check Visitor’s Parking for lots of good looking Dodge Rams!!! More new rides and pics, send yours with stats . To join the gang. See Visitors Parking for details



I purchased my 96 Dodge Ram Indy Official Pace Truck on April 29/96. I started to bracket race it July 96. Entered the points in 98 & 99 00. Finished 3rd in 98. Ended the 99 season in Aug to construct a garage for Indy. 00 season was a total wash out(rain). Needed Noah's ark it rained so much! 01 saw a couple of races plus made it to all the Mopar meets at Cayuga and London. 02 a few tt with only 2 races, made it to the finals n choked one race. 03 not getting out till Sept due to knee surgery. 04 odd races with lots of test n tunes. 05s plan is pure et, wont be racing too much. Mainly test and tune this year. 12s or bust baby!!  06 I had big hopes but barely got it out of the garage. Waited on parts 1/2 the year. 07 life & death got in the way of me getting much of anything accomplished08, redoing some things, waiting on parts & cash. 09. Yes this is it. Re-assembling as I have everything I need to make this combo work. NA goal is mid 12s & with boost 7-11s. Fingers crossed I don't run into any more issues that always seem to pop up.  RM Indy

 Site Contents

Mods. & Customizing - Completed mods 

11 Pics n Slips - Time to get off the fence on the fuel cell location & rear frame.

10 Pics n Slips - 200amp service to house, 60amp/220volt service to garage!! Finally a real compressor & guess what, even more powder coating (pc addict lol)

09 Pics n Slips -  Few more paint & pwdr coating details, few more upgrades for the 408

08 Pics n Slips -  Start installing the huge list of parts on the bench from 06/07.

07 Pics n Slips - Carry on with the mods I didn't complete in 06.

06 Pics n Slips - New for 06, billet/forged 408 & a lot more paint.  Wont be finished till 07, then lookout!!

05 Pics n Slips -  Major interior upgrades, major wiring projects, oh and a Procharger too. It was just a matter of time till I got a supercharger

04 Pics n Slips - Trying to make up for lost time with the mods. Top end see's more changes. Dyno results from Aug 7 & Oct22

03 Pics n Slips -  RT+10 cam and M1 installed end of the year, injury/surgery messed up yr..

02 Pics n Slips - Turned out to be one step backwards this year. Bunch of parts sat on the bench and track opened mid year (new strip/tower).           

01 Pics n Slips -  What a year for new bests! 13.99, with stock NA 5.9 from tb down, no n2o, no superharger!!     

00 Pics n Slips - Picks slips.  V10 see's it's First Pull (story)        

99 pics & slips - Seasons best time slip of 14.496 & pics.                         

98 Pics n Slips - A whole new attitude   

97 Pics n Slips - Couple more mods

96 Pics n Slips - In her humble beginning

Hi-low is daily price spread in Toronto. It pays to be a member by knowing where the cheap gas is.  Links to sister sites for most major North American cities. Join now and start saving!!

DTO Meets - members get together

 Hot Pics. 1 - Smokie Burn-outs !!

Still More Pics - Misc. pics  *NEW*

99 Chrysler's At Cayuga - "Inside Track" coverage & final round time slip for my street class win. Gotta love  a .501 rt!

97 Mopar Meet - My 15 Minutes of Glory. Story, slips n flyer             

RamairRamair is in, have a look.  (2001-2005) 

 Race Videos  - Tons  of videos available to stream including Lightning race.  Hemi race & Dyno session.  Be sure to Download Dodge font for your pc

 Tech Help  - Tech pages, installs, drag tips, DOWNLOAD  performance software, calculators, pdf 01 Ram service manual and much more. 

Toronto Motorsports Park - (CayugaSee whats happening at TMP. 

Trailer Queen-  Bad back and knee surgery so changing all 4 tires before/after racing is no longer an option. Saves on tickets too

 Visitors Parking  - Check out these great looking Rams!!! No time to make a site, send your picks in with some stats, to join the gang. Hope to see your Ram soon   


   WALLPAPERS - MOPAR  -  Over 100 of my favourite Mopar concept cars, wild customs, race cars, race trucks etc including the 2011 Dodge Ram 392 Quick Silver Sema concept SRT8 truck.


 WALLPAPERS - Exotic  - The only non-mopar thing you will see on this site, lots of wild looking exotic supercars & concept cars.







I'd like to thank:
My wife!
Without her this wouldn't be possible. All her patience, understanding, caring & help have really been appreciated. Man am I lucky. Most wouldn't put up with the conditions at the track. Not to mention the $ & time spent with my affair/obsession. She's one in a million!!
Love you lots Babe!

In Memory Of

Gord Bray

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Boyd Coddington   August 28, 1944 – February 27, 2008

From billet wheels to some of the most outrageous hot rods Boyd Coddington was a major influence

and inspiration for the automotive customizing market (& myself).  God speed Boyd

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